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Subject: SIP in higher education

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RE: [] Experiences with Cisco Unified Communications Call Manager 6 or above.

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  • From: "Oscar Alonso Blanco" <>
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  • Subject: RE: [] Experiences with Cisco Unified Communications Call Manager 6 or above.
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 18:16:56 +0100

At first, Thanks for your interest and all your responses



Secondly, I explain me better, regarding with directory support, the best manner of explain this is with a SIP.EDU cookbook illustration:


Ok, this is the original deployment proposed from SIP.EDU cookbook .


My deployment can differ a little bit from this original. Actually I have an heterogeneous telephony network that haves a traditional telephony and IP telephony based and Cisco Unified Comunications Call Manager 6.1 recently installed.  The ip telephony network haves a couple of Cisco call processing systems working as a publisher and subscriber, a couple of MGCP gateways controlled by the call-managers and attached via PRI ISO QSIG to an Ericsson MD110 system to main traditional telephony system, this MD110 can route the incoming and outgoing calls to the correct destination (we can have calls between the call manager phones and MD110 phones or outside phones guided by the md110 with the correct path).


The main goal of all of this is establish a sip trunk or something similar, between the SIP proxy and directly to the Cisco Call Manager, doing this if any call belongs to the call manager this routes directly to ip extension if not reroutes the call to MD110 telephony system via mgcp pri-iso-qsig.

This schematic is optimal because our university plans to migrate all the extensions to the Cisco Ip telephony system, and doing that we don’t have any direct dependency of the MD110 telephony system


We think in a schematic like this:





Regarding to Steven question, I’m referring to a LDAP directory integration, that explain into the cookbook how the sip proxy retrieves the mail to the ldap directory and receives the extension number and then the sip proxy originates a SIP invite against the extension and the sip trunk.


Our call manager’s haves completely a private range direction, we planned to put the sip proxy with a private and public ip directions (one to the CCM and LDAP database as all your ip telephony system) (and a public ip direction to receipt the que queries from the system.




As ever thanks in advance for all your responses



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If you wish to add a SIP proxy either OpenSER/OpenSIPs or SER will work fine. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "... supports Directory to query." Both proxy servers will maintain a database of contacts based on register messages and a database of subscribers provided you compile in MySQL support.


Does Call manager 6 speak SIP to gateways or does it still only speak MGCP?


What about support for alphabetic userid in the R-URI and DNS SRV support? If CCM supports these then you may be able to interoperate with without adding the proxy.


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> Call Manager 6 or above.


> Hello

> You need to install OpenSER and create a trunk form the UCCM to

> OpenSER.

> Regards

> Joao Pereira



> wrote:

> > Hello Everybody:

> >

> >

> > We are from the Autonomous Barcelona University(UAB) and recently we

> installed a new VoIP PBX UCCM 6.1(2)from cisco over sip protocol. We

> are thinking to integrate SIP.EDU in our university but we don't have

> any experience of people doing that with our configuration.

> >

> > Watching the SIP.EDU cookbook and comparing, Our Cisco VoIP PBX

> haves a coupple of MGCP gateways and SIP support  and we think that is

> possible to integrate with a SIP PROXY that supports Directory to query

> (like SER), doing that the CCM's works as a  sip gateway against the


> >

> > Has anyone any experience with this kind of configuration?

> >

> >

> > Thanks in advance to  everybody!

> >

> >

> > Óscar

> >

> >

> >

> >

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