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Advanced Layer 2 Services

Customers with an OESS account



Humanities Advisory Group


Audio Video Communication Infrastructure

CC-NIE/IIE etc Awardee Mailing List

comments on TF report draft

cai task force white papers

CANS 2011 U.S. Program Committee

CANS 2012 U.S. Program Committee

Caribbean advanced networking interest group

CrossConnect Workshop February 2015

Global Research and Education CEO Forum

Contact for Internet2 CFO

CIFER contact

CIFER Registries discussion

Mailing list for the Chief Innovation Officer

CIO and Equivalent

CIO meeting attendees

Cisco TelePresence announcement list

NSTIC MultiFactor Authn Cohortium Submission

Collaboration-SIG Discussion Group

COmanage News and Announcements

COmanage Community Discussion

COmanage Users List

comitt project


Create commonidtrust list

Internet2 Commons Announcements

Commons Site Coordinators

Email Address for Legal Compliance Issues



Common Site Coordinator Training, May 25 2011

Certificate Service Webinar

Cloud Services Working Group

Announcements about Community Technical Workshops

ESCC October 2014

Summer 2011 ESCC Attendees

Summer 2012 ESCC Attendees

Winter 2011 ESCC Attendees

Winter 2012 ESCC Attendees

ESCC Winter 201

distribution list for eText

E-Text Pilot inquiries and discussion

Event Planning at Internet2

Day CAMP: Getting Started with InCommon

Federated Identity for Cyberinfrastructure

Fall 2010 Health Sciences Community Workshop

Fall 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting


Invitees to FMM2010 International Reception

Fall 2011 Member Meeting Lodging Reminder

Invitees to FMM2011 International Reception

Internet2 Community Forum Admin

Focused Technical Workshop July 2013

Focused Technical Workshop July 2014

FTW: perfSONAR Workshop 2015

FTW: International OpenFlow/SDN Testbeds Workshop 2015

FTW: Community Video Collaboration in the Cloud

International collaboration

List for the International collaboration steering committee

Global Research and Education CEO Forum

Global Research and Education CEO Forum - Secretaries

Global Video

Grouper Announcements and News

Grouper Core Developers

Grouper Developers Forum

Grouper Users - Open Discussion List

Announcement list for Grouper Training

2014 Internet2 Global Summit

2015 Internet2 Global Summit

News for and about the Internet2 community

CEO Search Process Input/Feedback

Contact for Internet2 Middleware Initiative

Distribution list for I2 Net+ initiative

Internet2 Researcher Members

InCommon Confab April 2012

Interdomain Control Plane implementation

InCert News and Announcements

InCert information contact



Campuses involved with the Innoa UEV project

Mailing list for all Innovation Awardees

List of Members Attendees at SC10

Internet2 Performance Portal

Video Interoperability Group

Information on Internet2 activities in the international arena.

International Phone Request

International RSVP

International SDN Testbed Workshop

ION Users

IPTV Interest Group

IPv6 Unicast Workshop, Claremont Colleges, May 2011

Summer 2011 IPv6 Workshop Attendees

Summer 2012 IPv6 Workshop Attendees

IPv6 Unicast Workshop Attendees

Winter 2011 IPv6 Workshop Attendees

Winter 2013 IPv6 Workshop Attendees

Information Services Working Group

Discussion List for Freenum/ITAD Subscriber Number (ISN) Project

K-20 librarians interactive video conferencing

Discussion list for Direcories Working Group

MACE Dir Comments

OpenSAML user discussion



Healthcare Medical Strategy


Megaconference 2012 Participants

Megaconference MCU Operators


Member Satisfaction Survey

Metaverse Working Group

Fall 2011 Internet2 Member meeting

Fall 2012 Internet2 Member meeting

Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

Spring 2012 Internet2 Member meeting

2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting

Moderator list for disqus

Summer 2011 MPLS Workshop Attendees

Middleware Announcements

PKI Steering Committee

MW Working Group Service

NCREN Community Day

NDDI Announce


NDDI/OS3E Service Launch Overview

NDMP Issues

NDT-Announce list created

NDT-DEV email list created

ndt-users list created

Net+ ICE Health Systems project team

Net Guru discussion

Summer 2011 NetGuru Attendees

Summer 2012 NetGuru Attendees

Box announcement list

Discussion list for those using Adobe Echosign

HP Pilot announcement list

net+ email list

NET+ Information newsletter

New email list

email list for Net+ team

Net + information newsletter

Network Development

nmwg development work


Django error reports

2014 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop

Network Performance Workshop Attendees 2011-04 DC

Network Performance Workshop at KanREN

Network Performance Workshop Attendees 2011-04-27 OSHEAN/NEREN

Winter 2011 Network Performance Workshop Attendees

NRENs Meeting

NREN Interested Participants

International Emerging NREN SIG List


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NS completions

Network Services Extended Staff List

Internet2 Network Technical Advisory Committee -NTAC

NTAC Peering Working Group

2012 Workshop on Performing Arts Production Over Advanced Networks

Questions for PBS project



Performance-related announcements

Performance Working Group

Performing Arts Advisory






Assess various policy engines using MACE-Paccman benchmark use cases

Internet2 K20 Initiative

Internet2 K20 Initiative

Legal Privacy

Salsa Computer Security Incidents - Internet2 (CSI2) Working Group List

salsa-csi2 announcement list

SC12 Issues

Super Computing 2013 Organizing Team

SCIS committee member admins

List of Staff attending SuperComputing

Virtual Site Coordinator Training November 17, 2010

Internet2 Security Updates and Announcements

Contact for Internet2 Security

Security WG

Interfaith Seder Interested Participants

Shibboleth Announcement

Shibboleth Developers

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 03/24/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 07/24/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 09/29/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 11/10/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 11/10/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 11/10/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 11/10/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 07/25/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 09/30/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 11/11/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 02-24-15

SIP Services

SIP in higher education

Invitees to FMM2010 International Reception

Social Gateway Feedback

Social Identity

Internet2 Software Announcement List

Technical services group - this is the tsg real list

Internet2 Teaching and Learning SIG

RSVP for TechX architects' lunch

2014 Technology Exchange

Internet2 Telepresence Services

Test hotline sympa mailing list by ming

Discussion list for thrulay, a network testing tool

TIER Architecture Discussions

TIER Discussions

TIER Staff discussion list

TIER Steering

Techs in Paradise 2013

Joint Techs TIP 2013 Program Committee List

TIP2013 Sunday Tutorial Signup List


Discussion list for those using Toopher second-factor authenitcation

Internet2 Reports

Transport protocols and bulk file transfer

Technical services group - this is the tsg real list


Application development in TSG



Train the Trainers Workshop Attendee List

Joint Techs TIP 2013 Program Committee List


Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions

Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions

Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions


Digitial Video Working Group

All things related to multicast

Presence and IntComm WG

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