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grouper-users - bug in 1.2 rc3 with mysql 5

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bug in 1.2 rc3 with mysql 5

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  • From: "caleb racey" <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: bug in 1.2 rc3 with mysql 5
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:13:18 +0100

My colleague chris has found a bug in the recent 1.2rc3 release

The install of grouper 1.2 rc3 does not work on mysql 5 (our install is
mysql 5.0.22)

In schema-export.sql the grouper_attributes table fails to be created by
the sql

CREATE TABLE grouper_attributes(
id varchar( 128 ) NOT NULL ,
group_id varchar( 128 ) ,
field_name varchar( 32 ) NOT NULL ,
value text NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY ( id ) ,

Which causes mysql to spit the error

#1170 - BLOB/TEXT column 'value' used in key specification without a key

If we change the line for the "value" column to be

value varchar (255) NOT NULL ,

Then the table gets created and we can get grouper to load and let us
login (we have not tested any further as yet) In previous versions of
grouper the value column is a varchar. Alternatively if we keep it as
text and give it a length in the UNIQUE section it also still works e.g.
as SQL above but with

value( 255 )

Anyone know if making the column varchar or keeping it as text with a
length is viable?

Alternatively we can use Postgres but have a great deal of effort sunk
into mysql and would much prefer to continue using it.


Caleb Racey
Newcastle University

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