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grouper-users - [grouper-users] Re: Grouper WS Error

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[grouper-users] Re: Grouper WS Error

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  • From: Akki Kumar <>
  • To: "Hyzer, Chris" <>
  • Cc: "" <>, Stephen A Sazama <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] Re: Grouper WS Error
  • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 16:36:37 -0400
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

Hi Chris,

We fixed the Grouper WS issue completely. :)

Thank you,

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 10:52 AM, Akki Kumar <> wrote:
Hi Chris,

I'm finally able to get the stack trace from the Grouper WS. Even though below properties is set in the in the file, the Grouper WS still makes a call to LDAP.  Looks like WS makes a call in the retrieveSubjectLoggedIn() line 263. Any suggestions as to why is it making a call to the LDAP even though I set properties in the file. Is this a bug in the source code? = grouperEntities

Thank you,

On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 1:31 PM, Akki Kumar <> wrote:
Hi Chris,

I'm using GcHasMember() and GcGetMembers() to get users from the group. In the, I am only using = etc:servicePrincipals: 

I am setting up the environment to debug further, couple more questions:
  • Any idea if GcHasMember() and GcGetMembers() some how calling actAs method? or Is there work around?

Thank you,

On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 8:51 PM, Hyzer, Chris <> wrote:

Might be searching your sources for the logged in subject.  Still a little concerning if a subject lookup takes that long.


Can you try setting this in


# if you have subject namespace overlap (or not), set the default subject

# sources (comma-separated) to lookup the user if none specified in user name =


Put the source id of the source that the logged in subject should be in.  If it is LDAP then this wont help…


When you do a search in GSH for the logged in subject does it take a while?  Maybe tune your subject source?


Just curious is your web service request using an actAs?





From: Akki Kumar [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2017 5:19 PM
To: Hyzer, Chris <>
Subject: Re: Grouper WS Error


Hi Chris,


I troubleshoot the timeout error and pinpoint to the Class ==>  getSearchReply(LdapRequest, int, LdapResult, Hashtable) method. The part that I'm not sure is why does Grouper WS searching LDAP, any idea?


I added a screenshot below that pinpoint error method:




Any guidance to fixed the timeout issue is truly appreciated. 


Thank you,





On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 11:00 AM, Hyzer, Chris <> wrote:

do you see a timeout setting in the client you can increase?  

can you analyze tables in the grouper database to make calls quicker?  maybe bounce the WS?  rebuild indexes?

From: Akki Kumar <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 4:25 PM
To: Hyzer, Chris
Subject: Grouper WS Error


Hi Chris,


Currently, I am working on integrating the application with the Grouper WS. When I run the application, it takes around 20-30 seconds (a little longer) to get a response from the WS and after some times, it throws an error (Caused by: Read timed out - in the link below). After troubleshooting, the root cause is Grouper WS is not very responsive or having a stale connection. Is there a way to fix below issue?



Note: There are no errors in the grouper_error.log file.   


Any guidance is truly appreciated.


Thank you,



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