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grouper-users - Performance Issues With 1.2 rc3

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Performance Issues With 1.2 rc3

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  • From: Shilen Patel <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Performance Issues With 1.2 rc3
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:20:38 -0400


I've imported our production Grouper 1.1 data into a test instance with 1.2rc3. I've noticed improvements while doing adds, but the performance for deletes is very poor.

Our environment has 100,000 entries in the grouper_groups table, 1 million entries in the grouper_memberships table, and 90,000 entries in the grouper_stems table. We have an admin group that has admin privileges to about 30,000 groups. There are 2 members of the admin group. GrouperAll also has read and view privileges to these groups.

The following are some examples of the performance we're seeing from the grouper_event.log file. Notice the time it takes to revoke privileges.

Add stem:

2007-06-15 12:02:33,312: [764fe553-0e6e-45cc-b7b5-05636a15594a,'GrouperSystem','application'] add stem: 'duke:test:stem02' (54ms)

Delete stem:

2007-06-15 12:03:23,068: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke naming priv: stem='duke:test:stem02' priv='create' (36ms)
2007-06-15 12:03:39,033: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke naming priv: stem='duke:test:stem02' priv='stem' (15965ms)
2007-06-15 12:03:39,066: [764fe553-0e6e-45cc-b7b5-05636a15594a,'GrouperSystem','application'] delete stem: 'duke:test:stem02' (25787ms)

Add group:

2007-06-15 12:06:16,310: [764fe553-0e6e-45cc-b7b5-05636a15594a,'GrouperSystem','application'] add group: 'duke:test:group02' (143ms)

Delete group:

2007-06-15 12:08:35,443: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='admin' (27875ms)
2007-06-15 12:08:35,476: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='optin' (33ms)
2007-06-15 12:08:35,501: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='optout' (25ms)
2007-06-15 12:08:54,764: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='read' (19263ms)
2007-06-15 12:08:54,814: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='update' (50ms)
2007-06-15 12:09:10,469: [ef91783d-20e6-4602-b520-c7fe2ca2ddb4,'GrouperSystem','application'] revoke access priv: group='duke:test:group02' priv='view' (15655ms)
2007-06-15 12:09:46,399: [764fe553-0e6e-45cc-b7b5-05636a15594a,'GrouperSystem','application'] delete group: 'duke:test:group02' (98832ms)

Any ideas on what the problem might be?


-- Shilen

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