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grouper-dev - RE: xml export/import v1.6

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RE: xml export/import v1.6

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  • From: Chris Hyzer <>
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  • Subject: RE: xml export/import v1.6
  • Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 01:22:14 -0500
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Here is another example with more tables exported (attached).  Also, I started a wiki page.





From: Chris Hyzer
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2010 2:23 PM
To: ''
Subject: xml export/import v2




We have been discussing the new version of Grouper export/import which will go in Grouper 1.6.

We will rewrite it with the following improvements:


1.       Doesn’t store the XML document in memory (SAX)

2.       Versioned

3.       Doesn’t manually marshal XML (will use xstream)

4.       Will keep logic in beans (more object oriented)

5.       Handles all data columns in the database (e.g. uuids).  Note, in import will need to lookup the business key to see if there is a different UUID, and maintain the existing UUID if it exists, will not change any UUIDs on import

6.       Handles all the new tables (e.g. new attribute framework, though I didn’t think we need to import the “set” tables, e.g. groupSet.  We can calculate that stuff after import.  This is a tradeoff between size of file, speed of import (probably faster to export the “set” tables), and data integrity (probably better to recalc all after import)

7.       Data is sorted so it can be easily diffed


The Sax, uuid, and beans part is already being done for the user audit export.  I will reuse this for a few tables.  The current export/import has many configuration settings which I was hoping to eliminate or clamp down on, and only implement the must-haves for the first pass.  Attached is an example of exporting members and stems.  Note the whole file is not indented.  If you want it indented you can indent it, otherwise, I think it is best in that form.





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