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grouper-dev - Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 6-Jan-2010

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Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 6-Jan-2010

Chronological Thread 
  • From: Emily Eisbruch <>
  • To: Grouper Dev <>
  • Subject: Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 6-Jan-2010
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 13:51:54 -0500

 Grouper Call 6-Jan-2010



Tom Barton, U. Chicago  (Chair)
Gary Brown, Bristol   
R.L. “Bob” Morgan, University of Washington
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Lynn Garrison, The Pennsylvania State University
Michael P. Pelikan, The Pennsylvania State University
Shilen Patel, Duke   
Chris Hyzer, U. Penn
Ann West, Internet2
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)


*New Action Items*
[AI]  (TomB) will take necessary steps for release of Grouper 1.5.1.

[AI] (Chris) will email the Grouper-dev list about decisions on XML import /export and share a mock up. 


[AI] (TomB) will investigate starting work on uPortal / Grouper integration

*Carry Over Action Items*

[AI] (Gary) will add a link in the release process checklist for security issues and mention that U. Penn can do scanning for future releases.  

[AI] (Chris) will start researching integration of Grouper with KIM workflows.   


*Grouper 1.5.1*

Grouper 1.5.1, a patch release with small changes, is ready for release.    

[AI]  (TomB) will take necessary steps for release of Grouper 1.5.1.

Grouper has now been moved from CVS to the Internet2 SVN repository.

Instructions have been updated in the web and wiki for checking out source code.

Chris: There are some side effects from the change to Subversion, such as behavior when building Java docs. Overwriting (rather than deleting) works better in SVN.


*XML import/export * 

The XML import export routines do not currently work in some circumstances for large databases.

Gary sent email to the list on XML with relevant documentation on args and options.

Chris suggested handling XML import/export in the same way that the new user audit facility does import/export.  It makes an XML file similar to the table structure and selects from the tables and cycles through those records, not loading them all in memory.

It makes sense to address a minimal scope of import/export needs initially and then later to look at use cases before designing more advanced features. The goal is to ensure that at the next minor Grouper upgrade XML import/export will at least function.

Merging two repositories or importing into a certain location were mentioned as possible future needs for XML import/export.  A disadvantage: if the XML format is working as a loader, this creates a lot of work when infrastructure changes. It may be preferable to use database views or web services  than to use XML import/export as a loader.

[AI] (Chris) will email the Grouper-dev list about decisions on XML import /export and share a mock up. 


*Grouper-KIM Development and Testing*

Chris has completed the first pass on the Grouper/KIM connector.

Chris is working on the KIM group service and group update service. There are issues, possibly configuration issues, in working with the group update service. Chris sent a note to the Rice KIM team with questions, and he will ping them again emphasizing the questions with the highest priority.  

TomB: There are several campuses interested in the Grouper / Rice KIM combination. 

Lynn: Penn State is looking at a lot of different possible solutions.  

Michael P. found this page helpful:


*Grouper Roadmap*

- Audit – User audit is done, point in time audit not yet done.

- Namespace transition support (move and copy) is done.

- Attribute Framework is begun – still work to do in terms of more attribute types

- Notification is initially done – there is additional functionality we want to add in the future.  

- Lite UI – The first version is delivered in Grouper 1.5.  We need to find out what people want in terms of other end-user components for group management.   

- Provisioning connector – TomZ has made a lot of progress based on the Shib attribute resolver

- Role management is in place, but we need to get web services operations and a UI for people to use it. TomB has  asked MACE-paccman for help with the role management UI. Looking for external use cases to guide us.   

- Grouper / Kuali Rice  integration – in progress   

- Grouper integration with the KIM permissions interface and KIM workflow are sometimes mentioned.  We need to talk about whether these integrations belong on the roadmap.

- Grouper / uPortal integration has been talked about. Not underway yet.

[AI] (TomB) will investigate starting work on uPortal / Grouper integration

- Rule based actions has been on the Grouper roadmap for a long time, but no action on that has been taken.

Bert asked whether work on the Grouper Loader is on roadmap. Bert noticed enable and disable dates on memberships were recently implemented via the Loader.

Georgia Tech is interested in a UI for application owners to set rules for a group. The goal is to enable broad delegation to several hundred people who own applications. Those application owners could then set criteria for their groups -- so memberships could come and go based on conditions or time limits.


Chris stated that issues are:

1. Grouper Loader
2.  Composite groups and other features we can  put in the registry about automatic actions
3. Workflow integration

Chris said that Grouper wants to  achieve some of those features. One  approach is using an external table that holds rules. We are also looking at Kuali Rice workflow and integration with Grouper.

Bert: Right now Georgia Tech’s application owners use generic LDAP to create groups and create rules that become  LDAP filters to populate the groups.   

TomB: The Georgia Tech case is of interest. It is more specific than the generic rule based item on the Grouper roadmap right now.


Next Meeting: Wed., January 20, noon ET

Emily Eisbruch, Technology Transfer Analyst
office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

Winter 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs
Hosted by the University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
January 31 - February 4, 2010

  • Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 6-Jan-2010, Emily Eisbruch, 01/13/2010

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