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grouper-dev - Re: integrating grouper 1.0 with signet 1.0.1

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Re: integrating grouper 1.0 with signet 1.0.1

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  • From: Dave Donnelly <>
  • To: grouper-dev <>
  • Subject: Re: integrating grouper 1.0 with signet 1.0.1
  • Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 14:07:52 -0700


Thanks for doing this. There actually may be some more libs used by
Signet that could/should be added to i2mi-common. I'll itemize
them in another email.

As to which lib versions to use, i2mi-common should contain the
latest releases, in my opinion. Beta and/or pre-release versions
should *only* be included if there is a strong case for doing so.
Additionally, if a particular consumer/developer requires an older
version of a i2mi-common lib, (s)he can maintain it within their
own project space and use a customized classpath to access it.

One more comment- The "Subject" project should also be considered
when creating/maintaining i2mi-common.

Dave Donnelly

blair christensen. wrote:
On 7/24/06, Dave Donnelly
Typically, on other projects I've been involved with, whenever there are
common 3rd-party libraries shared among subsystems and/or projects, a
Common project is established as a container for those libraries.
Dependent projects share the responsibility of maintaining Common. It is
left to dependent projects to determine how to integrate and deploy
their product. It actually alleviates some of the headaches associated
with deployment when Common can be distributed as a standalone product.

I just went through the HEAD `lib/README.txt` file for both Grouper
and Signet in order to see what we already have in common and what we
could possibly have in common.

Grouper and Signet currently have the following libraries in common.
I've also included the latest version available for each library.

* cglib-full 2.0.2 2.2 beta 1
* commons-dbcp 1.2.1 1.2.1
* commons-logging 1.0.4 1.1
* commons-pool 1.2 1.3
* dom4j 1.4 1.6.1
* junit 3.8.1 4.1
* odmg 3.0 3.0

If there aren't objections, I think I'll create an *i2mi-common* (or
whatever it should be called) project in CVS that contains these
libraries and then switch Grouper over it. The question in my mind
would be whether to continue to use the versions of these libraries
that both projects are currently using or whether to try and upgrade.
I'm inclined to try and use the latest of each by default and then we
can back off if that is problematic for either Grouper or Signet.

Grouper and Signet are using different versions of the following libraries:

commons-collections 3.1 2.1.1
commons-lang 2.0 1.0.1
ehcache 0.9 0.8
jta 1.0.1B ?

In **theory** these probably wouldn't be too much trouble to add to
*i2mi-common* as well.

And these are the libraries that are only used by one of the projects:

ant 1.5.3
commons-beanutils 1.6
commons-digester 1.6
concurrent 1.3.3
connector ?
GroboTestingJUnit 1.2.1-core
GroboUtilThread 1.0.0alpha2
hibernate2 2.1.8
jaas ?
jboss-cache 1.0.2
jboss-common ?
jboss-jmx ?
jboss-system ?
jcs 1.0-dev
jdbc2_0-stdext ?
jgroups ?
jug 1.1.1
log4j 1.2.8
optional 1.5.3
oscache 2.0
proxool 0.8.3
subject 0.2.1
swarmcache 1.0rc2
xalan 2.4.0
xerces 2.4.0
xml-apis ?

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