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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Re: [] Re: Cisco 7960 and Avaya CCS 2.1 registration problem

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  • From: (Dennis Baron)
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  • Subject: Re: [] Re: Cisco 7960 and Avaya CCS 2.1 registration problem
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:44:32 -0500

> I did try do it as you suggest, but I confirmed this doesn't work in
> the newer firmware versions (P0S3-06-3-00, P003-07-3-00).
> "Proxy*_address" on each line is not actually the sip proxy server
> address, it is the domain.

Exactly. This is a typical problem of vendors using confusing names
in their configuration schemes... at least they confuse me. Here's
what we have working on a Cisco 79xx - we're running 5.1.0 (shame on

domain_name :
image_version : "P0S3-05-1-00"
FirmLoadID : "PC030301"
phone_label : "617-324-8903 "

line1_name : "6173248903"
line1_authname :
line1_password : **********
line1_shortname : "48903"
line1_displayname : "MIT SIP Lab Cisco 7940"
proxy1_address : ""

proxy_register : 1
proxy_backup : ""
proxy_emergency : ""
outbound_proxy :

So I think all the *1_* fields are associated with the SIP account
assigned to "Line 1" - ie. "proxy1_address" is really "line1_domain" -
confusing! So the SIP URI for Line 1 is made up of
- ie.
. So you'd see
something like:

From: "MIT SIP Lab Cisco 7940"

I'll guess at the last three lines above - that all SIP requests are
sent to "outbound_proxy"; with "proxy_backup" as a fallback; and
unless "proxy_emergency" is matched in the phones dial plan. You
should be able to leave these blank and let the phone use DNS to
determine where to send the requests - but I don't know if Cisco
allows that? You also should be able to enter a FQDN in these fields
and use DNS to specify the list of proxy addresses - but I don't know
if Cisco supports that either?

Hope this helps. If anybody thinks I've got this wrong speak up -
it's been a while since I've played with a Cisco phone!



Dennis Baron; Information Services & Technology
Senior Strategist for Integrated Communications
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Room E19-738 tel:+1-617-252-1232
77 Massachusetts Avenue; Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 fax:+1-617-253-8000


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