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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Re: [] No Weekly Call Today

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  • From: (Dennis Baron)
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  • Subject: Re: [] No Weekly Call Today
  • Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 13:38:31 -0400

No call today but here are my notes from last week's call. They are
very rough from my scribbles during the call! Speak up if I missed


6/24/04 Conference Call - Draft Notes

Doug Walsten - Cisco
Dennis Baron - MIT
Glenn Sudduth - Washington
Garret Yoshimi - Hawaii
Jeremy George - Yale
Andrew Millson - Iowa
Alan Crosswell - Columbia
Todd Acheson - Ohio
Bill Jahsman - Utah
Shrihari Pandit - Stealth

- Any additional feedback/comments from the workshop at Penn
- Should have been longer than one day - 1-1/2 to 2 days
- More hands on would be good - how to make hands on useful to
wide/diverse audience

- Next steps for
- Cookbook work
- Update SER - Jeremy and Alan expressed interest?
- Pointer to SER mailing list? - it's _very_ busy
- SIPxchange - renewed interest with open source
- What doc's will be available on ?
- Seems to be movement on getting clean code out
- Cisco
- Need documentation on gateway config'
- Example config's would help - or more detailed "how-to"
- What version to run - may vary by hardware
- Other work
- SIP-identity - there seems to be interest in testing/promoting
- Need TLS in clients
- Doug to check to see if it is in 7960 v7.1?
- Could be added to SER
- Jeremy interested in bringing up test system?
- We could encourage other vendors
- Caller-ID improvements
- Cisco has a method - is it standardized?
- Spawn subgroups to investigate and report
- Implementation "chain-letter" - pass on knowledge - add to
- Match-maker service - vendors/schools with common interests/
platforms is useful

- How to make the conference calls valuable to a wider audience
- Implementation Q&A sessions - may be hard to do - keep to more
focussed agendas
- Possible call topics/speakers
- Feedback on model from FWD
- Peering
- Possible presentation by Stealth or others
- ENUM discussion


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