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grouper-users - [grouper-users] grouper posix gidNumber

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[grouper-users] grouper posix gidNumber

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  • From: Michael R Gettes <>
  • To: grouper-users <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] grouper posix gidNumber
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:38:52 -0500
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

Has anyone done work to manage posix gidNumber within grouper and would you
care to share your work?

I believe it should be possible to create a global attribute keeping the next
gidNumber and then to assign a gidNumber attribute with the current global
gidNumber to a group and then increment the global.

This should be documented some place so others can leverage.

I also don’t understand how to specify which groups should pushed to LDAP
(and how to exclude subsets). If anyone has done this and has examples -
please share.

I am concerned the current PSPng implementation presumes 2 group objects in
LDAP, one for the normal group and a separate group for the Posix version.
This doesn’t seem right to me, we should be able to include posix attributes
within any group object. I have private email out to Bert these questions as

If I can get these problems resolved then I am halfway to eliminating the
need for the CMU GAP code.


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