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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Lists Returning but Not Rendering in UI

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Re: [grouper-users] Lists Returning but Not Rendering in UI

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  • From: Monica Crawford <>
  • To: "GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing" <>
  • Cc:
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Lists Returning but Not Rendering in UI
  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:07:00 -0500

Apologies for the delay, See inline and attached. Thanks.

GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing wrote:
Hi Monica,

Very strange!
Yes very. I'll try loading some simple lists using jstl under wl (weblogic) as soon as possible.

Would you send me the HTML source of the screens? You can
also include a search results page.

If you create groups and add members using Tomcat, can you display memberships in Weblogic?
Well, I can't get to a membership page. After I create the group I can't
select it.

If you log on as a user from the LDAP
directory, does the welcome message show their name? If you login as GrouperSystem does the welcome message show GrouperSystem?
Yes tomcat. No weblogic.

The majority of objects that the UI deals with are Maps - usually subclasses of ObjectAsMap. It looks like the Maps are behaving differently between Tomcat and Weblogic, or that JSTL is treating them differently. Do you know if Weblogic uses the reference JSTL implementation or one of their own?
Weblogic has a jstl instance of its own (I'm thinking this is integrated with jsp 2.0). However, it appears that having jstl in the webapp it will load from WEB-INF lib.
I tested where javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.core.Config class is loaded on my sample helloworld app... which has the same jstl jar as my modified grouper app. Later, I will modify the grouper app to ensure the same behavior but I'm pretty confident it would load in the same fashion; from WEB-INF lib first.


--On 11 September 2006 18:41 -0500 Monica Crawford <> wrote:


I have a few questions regarding the UI and the behavior I'm noticing.
I'm running 1.0 grouper-ui in Weblogic 9.2 and experience a couple
strange things. I've attached screen shots because there are no error
messages in the log files and I get an error with the Now, this same behavior doesn't appear to happen
in my Tomcat instance with the same .war file.

* When searching for People (going against an ldap directory) it
reaches the directory server and returns results but they don't display
* When creating groups or stems the stems and groups get created in the
database, but don't display back on 'All Groups' 'Subject Results'. But
I see the name of the group and stem in the 'Add Composite' section
* When adding a group or stem I get 3 submit buttons.

Thanks for the second set of eyes. Much appreciated.


GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing

Monica Crawford
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Division of Information Technology
1210 West Dayton Street, Rm 3159
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

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