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grouper-dev - RE: [grouper-dev] lite ui

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RE: [grouper-dev] lite ui

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  • From: Chris Hyzer <>
  • To: Tom Barton <>
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  • Subject: RE: [grouper-dev] lite ui
  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:07:54 -0400
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> This view motivates two questions. First, can the lite UI open already
> focused on a group given in the URL? Eg,
> would open it up on that
> group?

Definitely, that was the original requirement... :)



or you can go by groupId too

> Second, can stuff be associated with a group that the Lite UI displays
> when rendering the group? I have in mind a page title, maybe a logo,
> alternate terms for "members" and maybe other group-specific terms that
> are better suited to the application's context, maybe a note box or
> brief instruction about what the user should do here in this screen,
> helping to make the workflow in this screen blend in with the app from
> which they came. Stuff like that, probably kept as attributes of the
> group.

I think this is worth going for. I would like to wait for the new attribute
framework to be created, then we can have attributes for all the things you

> Or should capabilities like these be supported by some other UI
> component that we don't have yet?

As you can see from my UI, there is a lot going on. I think it would add a
lot of value to have this capability in a grouper UI so each app doesn't have
to do this. However, as you say above, a lot of times it will make sense to
more tightly integrate with the external app, and that is fine too. I think
for 1.6 we can augment the web services to make it more easy to make external
UIs, currently there are a few more operations and options needed.


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