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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Re: [] more proxies SIP with SER

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  • From: Steve Blair <>
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  • Subject: Re: [] more proxies SIP with SER
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 08:26:31 -0400

Shenen Shenen wrote:

Yes,my problem is to replicate authenticated registration requests to the second Asterisk box.
If the master falls down and rise the backup, the softphones or the IP phones aren't registered to the backup(I must close them and then they 're registered to the slave...(becouse point to the virtual IP)...My problem is only register all softphone and IP phones to 2 proxies(asterisk 1 and asterisk 2);
With asterisk I can't; <> is written the limitations with more proxies than one...
With SER Can I register all SIPs to 2 or more proxies?

Yes you can using the replicate function.


On 6/13/06, *Steve Blair* < <mailto:>> wrote:

Shenen Shenen wrote:

> Hi!I've a question:
> Can I set more proxies for my softphones and IP phone with SER;
> This is my problem;
> I'm using the following softphones;Phoner,Cubix,3CX-phone,
> Like phone,I'm using;Cisco IP phone 7960(I think I can put more
> proxies), UTstarcom F1000 (wi_fi), Ray Talk (wi-fi);
> My problem is:I'm using 2
box, with vrrp protocol;
> vrrp works in this way; you have 2 real IP, one for one

> , the other one to the other
with vrrp, you set
who is
> the master and the slave of the 2, and put one priority for the
2, and
> one virtual IP; virtual IP point to the master, if master falls down
> the slave rise and take the controll,if the master rise up, it
> the controll;
> I put like proxy the virtual IP, but the proxy is pointed to the
> master IP (at the first time) and all softphones or wi-fi, are
> registered to the master; if the master falls down, calls point
to the
> slave(I see this with ethereal) but the SIP are all register only in
> the master(becouse the vrrp point to the master at the first
> time)...So my problem is to register the softphone..the SIP to
all 2

It sounds to me that the real problem is how to replicate
registration requests to your second Asterisk box. I think registering
to the second box would defeat the purpose of using VRRP wouldn't it?


> I've installed X-lite and X-Pro (where I can set multi proxies)
with 2
> different number in the SIP,(for example 650 and 651) if I run
> asterisk -R I can see asterisk verbose;if the master falls down the
> calling pass to the other, and if rise up come back to the master,so
> vrrp is very ok;
> My problem is the others softphones.....So how can I register more
> proxies with SER for my SIP?

I do not understand that last sentence. If you have multiple SER
then use the replicate module to copy register requests to your backup
proxy after authenticating the request.

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