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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Soekris/Asterisk instructions

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  • From: John Todd <>
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  • Subject: Soekris/Asterisk instructions
  • Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:19:40 -0800

I have posted preliminary (not final!) copies of my instructions for getting Astlinux installed (Asterisk + micro Linux) on a Soekris 4801 with T1 card. As I mentioned on one of our conference calls, it's about a $675 package for the hardware (including T1 card and server) and probably can serve as a temporary SIP-to-PBX gateway system.

The package has the following features:
- URI dialing
mapped to:
- SIP handsets (hard SIP phones, soft SIP clients)
- PBX extensions (SIP-to-TDM mapping)
- SIP client to PBX dialing ("failthrough" to PSTN)
- PBX-to-SIP extensions (TDM-to-VoIP)
- ENUM lookups
- ISN lookups
- Tello or other SIP proxy lookups
- Basic registrar for SIP clients

Of course, Asterisk can be extended simply by adding logic to the dialplan to make it do almost anything. I seem to have managed to make this a much larger project than I originally intended, so I am not yet complete, however it seems like a good idea to publish at least what I have written thus far in the hopes that comments and bugs can be sent to me in the meantime. This appears to be an asymptotic approach to telephony, and I'd like not sacrifice timeliness in pursuit of perfection.

The examples I have included are not tested, as I have not found sufficient time nor an example PBX on which to put them into practice. If anyone would like to volunteer themselves for this, I would be interested in assisting in an adaption of Internet2 dialing to your school. Minimally, a PRI is required on your existing PBX (sorry, no analog T1s yet - they're too much of a headache for a "first try"), a public IP address, and reasonable patience from a telecom/IT administrator are required.

The files can be found here:


John Todd
Networking, Tello Corp.


  • Soekris/Asterisk instructions, John Todd, 12/19/2005

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