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Subject: SIP in higher education

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:13:25 -0500 Conference Call December 15, 2005


Dennis Baron, MIT
John Covert, Independent Consultant
Joel Dunn, UNC Chapel Hill
Jerry Keith, UC Riverside
Mike Van Norman, UCLA
Dave Zimmerman, Berkeley

Today's call is brief. Dennis had hoped to talk to John Todd and Ben
Teitelbaum regarding the ITAD dialing initiative, but with work and
holiday obligations there hasn't been much progress. John Covert mentions
that there have been several IANA number assignments, and John Todd has
been contacting people about including them in his name server.

Dennis is asked if MIT has put anything into their 5ESS to do ISN
dialing. They have, but the SER part is not complete yet. He assumes that
calls get to the gateway, but hasn't confirmed this. MIT is currently
using a Cisco gateway with no plans to convert to Asterisk - they are
actually migrating from the Cisco 3000 series to the AS5000 series
in the future.

Dennis mentions that the people at MIT working on the SIP side have
been doing Web interface work, and hopes to have Mark Silis on a future
call to discuss this. They have also been doing work with NAT traversal
with SER, which seems to be working well and might be of interest to
call participants. There are currently multiple instances of SER used
for different functionality, but this has presented some problems with
devices that don't handle SIP properly in terms of outgoing and incoming
calls using different proxies.

Finally, Dennis discusses the minor issues that need to be worked out
with regards to the ITAD trial, such as what domain to use and who will
control it. For future calls, he is hoping to to have someone from Cisco
discuss SIP identity. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.

The next call will be on January 5th.

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