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ndt-dev - [ndt-dev] New pull request

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[ndt-dev] New pull request

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  • From: ☕Peter Boothe <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: [ndt-dev] New pull request
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2016 11:32:16 -0500
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I just made a new pull request to bring in all the bugfixes to NDT that have helped out MLab over the past 6 months.

Check it out at:

I had previously talked with Aaron and he said it would be fine if I just merged it, but I wanted to make sure that if anyone objected to this merge they would have a chance to tell me to stop.

So the pull request is linked above, and I will merge it in a week if there are no objections. It is a purely bugfix pull request:
  • Fixes some reliability issues around SSL.
  • Fixes SSL error handling.
  • Fixes some watchdog timer issues that led to hanging child processes.
  • Fixes a pthread deadlock bug.
  • Prevents children from hanging forever when packet capture fails to start.
  • Makes sure that all variables are initialized before use.
  • Unit tests now double-check that a port is available before assuming they can set up a server on a random high-numbered port.

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