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ndt-dev - Re: [ndt-dev] Expose 2 new Flash variables to JS

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Re: [ndt-dev] Expose 2 new Flash variables to JS

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  • From: Nathan Kinkade <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [ndt-dev] Expose 2 new Flash variables to JS
  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 12:55:34 -0500

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the quick reply. Just to clarify and make sure we're on
the same page, this is about the Flash client, not the Java client.
My understanding is that this javascript wrapper is, more than
anything, just a reference implementation of a wrapper around the
Flash client. The idea, I believe, is to give a working example of
how one could go about doing it, and how the interface can be
relatively nice looking, with the hope that more people would
integrate into their sites. That said, I imagine many may use the
reference implementation as a base on which to build something a
little more feature and information complete.

I'm not aware that the Flash client currently makes all of the data
available to javascript, but I presume there is no reason that it
couldn't. As far as I can tell, the Flash client itself only renders
the detailed data in a somewhat cryptic command-line-like fashion that
only someone quite technical would be able to parse. I would image it
could be quite easy to make that same information in it's current
format available to the javascript. I'll take a look at making that
happen soon.



P.S. Not sure about the etiquette on this list yet with regard to
copying the original poster on replies and top vs bottom posting.
Defaulting to only copying the list, and top posting (based on this
message, and others I see in the archive). If this is wrong, let me

On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:28 PM, Richard Carlson
> Hi Nathan;
> I just ran the client on my home Linux workstation. Nice job, I'm pleased
> that NDT based on-demand testing will continue even if the face of growing
> Java JRE limitations.
> While the client gave me the upload/download and RTT data, there was no way
> to dig into the test results to figure out if these numbers were good, bad,
> or mediocre.
> As the original developer of the NDT code I will repeat my mantra, the
> server is collecting data that can be used to interpret the test results. I
> agree that the majority of NDT users are not interested in knowing more than
> the basic data, but I still think that M-Lab should strive to educate them
> on the value of knowing more.
> For example, the NDT server calculates how the clients selection of TCP
> window size impacts the upload and download speeds. These are the upper
> bounds of what could be achieved over the connection. The server also
> calculates the speed based on the Mathis formula, this is also a bounding
> condition.
> I think it would be great if the display somehow showed the user where they
> fit in relation to these limits.
> At a minimum, I would also like to see a button on the screen that would
> send me the test details. Again, I know that few, if any, users
> want/need/understand this data, but the point is, they could look at it or
> send it to the IT staff when reporting a problem.
> Regards;
> Rich

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