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ndt-dev - Re: [ndt-dev] NDT Web10G Patch

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Re: [ndt-dev] NDT Web10G Patch

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  • From: Richard Sanger <>
  • To: Aaron Brown <>
  • Cc: , , Richard Nelson <>,
  • Subject: Re: [ndt-dev] NDT Web10G Patch
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:51:29 +1300

Hi Aaron,

So I've separated out the kernel settings part as ndt_Only_Kernel_Setup_0.2.diff, attached. This includes some Web10G specific code which is relevant the kernel setup namely start_tcpe( ... ) and revert_tcpe( ... ) in kernel_config.c. These functions check the Web10G module tcp_estats_nl is loaded into the kernel. I've commented out the function calls in web100srv.c so this will still compile. So the Web10G still with bugs fixes but not kernel setup is also attached as ndt_Only_Web10G+Bugs_0.2.diff.

I've noticed a bug in my code and made a small modification to correct this. Which allows the Web10G server to run without the tcp_estats module loaded, since this is always going to be the case if Web10G is compiled into the kernel.

As for separating bug fixes and Web10G code. I wanted to keep bug fixes and Web10G separate, however I couldn't accurately test the Web10G code due to some of these bugs. And keeping separate versions for bugs and bugs+Web10G was to much effort. So the bugs I've reported are
I propose the best way to go about this is work through the bugs first since these also apply to current web100srv code and ideally get these committed to the svn. After this I can go through and update the Web10G patch accordingly. Let me know if this isn't going to work.

There are one or two bugs in the java applet which I haven't logged as issues yet, I'll do that today. I'll let you know when this is done.


PS: I'm still putting everything in the google drive folder here so it should have a copy of all email attachments.

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 5:14 AM, Aaron Brown <> wrote:
Hey Richard,

This is great work. Thanks for doing it! One question I had, would it be possible to split out the three different things covered by the patch into three separate patches (i.e. kernel mode setting, bugfix for the issue you reported, and the web10g changes)? It'd make it a bit easier to review each.


On Jan 17, 2013, at 1:16 AM, Richard Sanger <> wrote:


As part of an internship at WAND, I've been working on a web10g version of ndt.

The patch is attached.
I've also got some Web10g patched linux kernels for Debian(squeeze or wheezy should work) here.

NOTE: The kernel needs a slight modification to the Web10g kernel patch. Which is included in the Google drive folder above.

I've incorporated Web10G into the code in such a way that both the web100srv and web10g can be built. Besides some bug fixes the web100srv is unchanged. The configuration process should detect web100 and web10g libraries and build accordingly. Web10G variable logging is not implemented - this shouldn't have any effects on the results.

For the most part the client hasn't been changed, so an old client can connect without issues. The only things that could go wrong with an old client are TCP Timestamps/ECN may be incorrectly detected as on.

This patch also includes a few fixes for both clients and servers, including those I logged as issues #69 #70 #71 #73.

Along with web10g this adds code in ndt/src/kernel_* files which will check some of the kernel configuration for a Web10G server and print warnings about incorrect configuration.(If the server is run with -k option these will be corrected).

Look at ndt/WEB10G README for more information.

I would be great to get this incorporated into the ndt trunk (or branch). Although the Web10G code still needs more testing the web100 parts of the code are unchanged.

Send me an email if you have any issues all feedback is welcome.


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