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k20innovators - Re: 7/29 K20 Fall MM planning meeting

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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Re: 7/29 K20 Fall MM planning meeting

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  • From: "Randy Stout" <>
  • To: <>, "James Werle" <>
  • Subject: Re: 7/29 K20 Fall MM planning meeting
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 16:16:24 -0500

Here's what I have . . .
Attending:  Dan, Jennifer, Ann, and Randy
Everyone agreed the meeting agenda is shaping up well
The group discussed the addition of the KC3 project - CILC and Jan Zenitas
discussed the inclusion of interactive introductions or another community building exercise to promote further involvement in the agenda and outcomes of the meeting.
discussed inclusion of a brief videoconference with Point of Contact - Linda Rosenblum, National Park Service at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
discussed the inclusion of an overview (session teaser) for the Educause presentation proposed for the MM T&L track on Effective Practices
discussed the inclusion of presentation/overview of Internet2's Health Sciences Initiative and further discussion of opportunities to collaborate
Ann will discuss the meeting timeframe with presenters from the OSC Electron Microscopy Demo Overview as included on the K20 agenda
There was general consensus that we want to proceed with the items above not already included on the agenda. 
Sorry so brief, I tried to capture what I could - others please add/edit/change or agree - then we can post to the wiki and continue to work on the agenda there.

>>> On 7/29/2008 at 4:04 PM, in message <00ad01c8f1be$b6bbcb60$>, "James Werle" <> wrote:
Dan,  great!  glad you're willing to do a cool apps tour.  Not sure if we have to be slave to I2-enabled apps but given the event and audience it would make sense to select from those that would benefit from I2 connectivity or are useful in communicating opportunities avaialble on I2.  Hey, you could even toss in a couple cool features of Muse !  (if deemed worthy - :)  If you dare enter the virtual world space, it might be interesting to illustrate what's going on beyond second life, perhaps attempt to answer the classic question "ok, i'm here, i get it, but now what? and to what end?  just my two cents....
You mentioned collecting presentations in advance.  I've had the best luck in the past by cornering the speaker before their presentaiton and offering to "drive".  that way i get a copy and it makes their life a little easier.  it can be chaotic during the event (running to grab chairs, taking notes, greeting/welcoming people, etc.)  that i sometimes can't get around to everyone.  perhaps this time we can find someone willing to volunteer as "speaker greeter and presentation wrangler"?  that way we have everything we need to document/archive the day's proceedings and make it immediately available online.
Did anyone take notes today?  I'm anxious to hear the latest planning developments!!
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 7:00 AM
Subject: RE: 7/29 K20 Fall MM planning meeting

Wow. I guess I should go to camp more often and not show up! This looks great so far!


My biggest gripe/concern will be that all presenters know this time that they need to turn in slides or materials, or a version thereof suitable for publishing, to James or me at the start of the meeting. That is a pretty minor thing BUT it would be great if we could have it out there as we invite these folks and they plan their presos.


BTW: I would be happy to talk about Cool New Apps – do they have to be I2 specific?


I had hoped to have my new handler, Andrea’s replacement, John Pederson, talk about Web2.0 “stuff” and how social networking is being used but (and this doesn’t leave this group, please!) he is coming up much less than interested in Internet2 and conferences, etc. We’re not talking as much as I had hoped. John brings some great skills to the table, but unfortunately his interests seem to be pretty concentrated within those skills at this point. As for me, I’m rather an “outsider” when it comes to this stuff. Dave Lois makes these decisions, and since I don’t actually work for WiscNet, there isn’t a whole lot I can do or say other than ride along…


But I’m sure we’ll get there again at some point…


From: James Werle [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 7:04 PM
Subject: 7/29 K20 Fall MM planning meeting


Hi All,


Tuesday 7/29
10amPDT/12pmCDT/1pm EDT  
dial instructions: 1.877.278.8686 enter PIN 158560


I've taken an initial stab at arranging our agenda ideas to date on a timeline and assigning specific on the team to organize each item. 


Not all the time slots have been filled and we can change the time allocations as needed.  It feels like I've missed a few good ideas, have a look and feel free to refine what is there and fill in the gaps.


Unfortunately, I'm not able to make the meeting tomorrow (conflicting UW commitment this week).  I'll catch up with Randy post-meeting.




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