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k20innovators - Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested

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  • From: Jennifer MacDougall <>
  • To: George Loftus <>
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  • Subject: Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 23:13:26 -0500

Hi George,
Count Pennsylvania in! I'm sure there are folks at the IUs who will want to participate
in both the live broadcasts and the Virtual Argonauts. I'l start spreading the word and
getting an idea of a count and let you know.

George Loftus wrote:

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well.

I hope you will indulge me in answering this quick message to ask for a show of hands regarding who is interested in participating in the Jason Virtual Argonauts Project for this year.

I will follow up with more details in the weeks to come, and will also work with James Werle to have the project included on MyK20, where you will all be able to indicate your interest in participating.

In short, we are planning a model very similar to last year, and the Jason folks are selecting what the "pull out " curriculum might be for this year. They are also working on lining up subject experts, hopefully some of the scientists and Student Argonauts from the expedition. Early plans are to broadcast the 1 pm (EST) show each day over Internet2. The VAP video conferencing visits with experts is expected to take place in the first two weeks of March.

Now to the reason for my quick query. The Jason folks will be holding a meeting on NOvember 18th with the Pin site coordinators around the country. We would like to inform those attending the coordinators meeting, which states have people ( like you) who are interested in helping them coordinate the Jason Virtual Argonaut Project in their home state ( or city). The Jason folks asked me to get a show of hands, and I told them I would "roundup the usual suspects" . Then we will coordinate with the Jason folks to share with them those of you who are interested. Of course we will have to work out all of the logistics beyond that, but felt this was a great opportunity to get the educators lined-up with the technical folks.

So, please just drop me a line ( please use the list so all can see who is interested) if you are interested in participating this year.

George K. Loftus "Have fun at work Dad !"

- parting words from my
401.295-0550 16 year old son each day.
Fax 401-679-0095
Executive Director

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