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k20innovators - Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested

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  • From: Kathy Kraemer <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: Re: Jason - Raise your hand if you are interested
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:40:14 -0600

Hi George,

We're in for the live broadcasts and the virtual argonaunt project.
Michigan is in too ---I'll speak for Michigan since I spoke with them this


On 11/12/03 12:08 PM, "George Loftus"

> Hello everyone,
> I hope this message finds you well.
> I hope you will indulge me in answering this quick message to ask for a
> show of hands regarding who is interested in participating in the Jason
> Virtual Argonauts Project for this year.
> I will follow up with more details in the weeks to come, and will also work
> with James Werle to have the project included on MyK20, where you will all
> be able to indicate your interest in participating.
> In short, we are planning a model very similar to last year, and the Jason
> folks are selecting what the "pull out " curriculum might be for this
> year. They are also working on lining up subject experts, hopefully some
> of the scientists and Student Argonauts from the expedition. Early plans
> are to broadcast the 1 pm (EST) show each day over Internet2. The VAP
> video conferencing visits with experts is expected to take place in the
> first two weeks of March.
> Now to the reason for my quick query. The Jason folks will be holding a
> meeting on NOvember 18th with the Pin site coordinators around the
> country. We would like to inform those attending the coordinators
> meeting, which states have people ( like you) who are interested in helping
> them coordinate the Jason Virtual Argonaut Project in their home state ( or
> city). The Jason folks asked me to get a show of hands, and I told them I
> would "roundup the usual suspects" . Then we will coordinate with the
> Jason folks to share with them those of you who are interested. Of course
> we will have to work out all of the logistics beyond that, but felt this
> was a great opportunity to get the educators lined-up with the technical
> folks.
> So, please just drop me a line ( please use the list so all can see who is
> interested) if you are interested in participating this year.
> George K. Loftus "Have fun at work Dad !"
> - parting words from my
> 401.295-0550 16 year old son each day.
> Fax 401-679-0095
> Executive Director
> OSHEAN, Inc.

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