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isn-discuss - Re: [isn-discuss] Testing ISNs with FreePBX

Subject: Discussion List for Freenum/ITAD Subscriber Number (ISN) Project

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Re: [isn-discuss] Testing ISNs with FreePBX

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  • From: John Todd <>
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  • Subject: Re: [isn-discuss] Testing ISNs with FreePBX
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 16:27:04 -0400

On Oct 29, 2009, at 4:09 PM, Peter Grace wrote:

John R Covert wrote:

If an ITAD is an organizational number, then at least "0*ITAD"
should be expected, and at least following the Continental
model for countries with variable length numbers, "0*ITAD"
is the recommended "main number".

This is what I heard when I originally setup ISN back in the beginning.
I'm fine with changing 0*739 if that's considered bad practice for ISN?

I don't know if any single body in ISN is considered the "Linus" of the
project at this point, I'd assume we'd consider John Todd to be that guy...

John, would you consider 0*ITAD "SHOULD NOT" or "MUST NOT"?


I'd say currently "SHOULD NOT" but ISN isn't an RFC proposal yet, and I can be convinced otherwise if there is further evidence that it should be allowed. I can completely understand the desire to have "0" as the main number of an organization, though maybe it shouldn't be the "main number", but should be "human operator". This still makes for very difficult dialplan interpretation for those who are not using a fully SIP-compliant system (a "dial-as-you-go" interface like an older ESS, which still runs the majority of the phones in the world.)

Well-known services are an interesting question with SIP in general. There has been no mention to my knowledge of such a thing, because of course the variety of language choices preclude any one set of strings being understandable in all (or even a majority) of languages. But the conversion to numeric form of arbitrary digit length may make this a good time to bring it up. Single digits seem like an obvious place to start for WKS. Does anyone thing that there should be WKS for ISN? Or will too many companies want to use single-digits for their own custom services that an overlap would be too common to warrant creation of WKS lists?


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