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i2-news - [I2-NEWS] California’s Jim Dolgonas, Presiden t and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of CENIC, Awarded Inte rnet2 2012 Richard Rose Award

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[I2-NEWS] California’s Jim Dolgonas, Presiden t and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of CENIC, Awarded Inte rnet2 2012 Richard Rose Award

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  • Subject: [I2-NEWS] California’s Jim Dolgonas, Presiden t and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of CENIC, Awarded Inte rnet2 2012 Richard Rose Award
  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 00:08:39 -0400 (EDT)

California’s Jim Dolgonas, President and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of
CENIC, Awarded Internet2 2012 Richard Rose Award

Dolgonas recognized as a leader in extending the reach of advanced networking
into the K-20 education community

Arlington, VA – April 24, 2012 – Internet2, the world’s most advanced
networking consortium, today honored Jim Dolgonas, president and chief
executive officer emeritus of CENIC, as this year's Richard Rose Award
winner. This annual award recognizes extraordinary individual contributions
that extend the reach of advanced networking into the K-20 education

"Jim has been a great contributor to fostering access to and the use of
technology in all aspects of education in California,” said Dave Lambert,
Internet2 chief executive officer and president. “He has been a strong
advocate nationally for the most advanced and imaginative uses of the
Internet to help our community and the people we serve.
Jim Dolgonas served as president and chief executive officer of the
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), from
July 1, 2004, until he stepped down January 31, 2012. California’s education
and research communities leverage their networking resources under CENIC to
obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to support their missions
and answer the needs of their faculty, staff, and students. CENIC's
membership is drawn from California’s K-20 research and education
institutions and includes nearly all of the state’s public education system
and a significant number of private research and education institutions.

“Jim has worked tirelessly to include the K-20 community in all aspects of
CENIC -- in shaping the budget, services and products, internal and public
policy agendas, and governance,” said Louis Fox, current CENIC President and
CEO. “Keeping in mind that nearly one in eight Americans lives in California
and roughly one-quarter are part of the state’s research and education
communities at any given time as faculty, staff, or students, Jim’s impact as
a single individual over more than a decade of service becomes even more

“It’s also stunning to see Jim’s hand in so many important projects that
extend beyond the educational segments and, in fact, reach many underserved
communities throughout California via anchor institutions,” Fox added. “His
foresight in anticipating the importance of such institutions in expanding
the reach of advanced broadband capabilities predated the development of
current national and state-level efforts such as Internet2’s U.S. UCAN by at
least a decade and was pivotal in their implementation.”

Most recently, Dolgonas worked with a consortium of small telecommunications
carriers and community groups to win $46 million in federal stimulus funds to
expand CENIC’s fiber path in the underserved areas of the Central Valley. The
Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project will improve
the availability of broadband networking infrastructure to schools, colleges,
and universities in 18 counties, as well as to anchor institutions in those
counties such as county and main libraries, public safety answering points,
and healthcare providers.

As a leader and collaborator, Dolgonas also helped to reshape the public
policy agenda for the California Public Utility Commission’s California
Teleconnect Fund to provide additional support for K-12 and community
colleges. “Jim’s relentless efforts to enhance broadband access for
California’s K-20 education and research community has spanned more than a
decade,” said Patrick Perry, Vice Chancellor of Technology, Research and
Information Systems, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. “Jim
has literally saved the State of California tens of millions of public

“Jim has consistently demonstrated a vision for successful collaboration
between all educational entities in California in order to efficiently serve
all the needs of the public and maximize resources,” said Anne Mallory,
Superintendent for Imperial County Office of Education. “Jim has a proven
record of successful leadership in bringing in new resources, seeking and
fostering collaboration between agencies, and proactively working to enhance
broadband access for students across California.”

Further, Dolgonas has been a longtime supporter of content initiatives. A
recent example is the provision of start-up and support to early phases of
what is now a California-wide STEM initiative. The initiative has grown to
become independent of CENIC and is now its own 501(c)(3) organization with
its own funding and governance.

Prior to joining CENIC, Dolgonas served for 25 years in various technology
leadership positions within the University of California system, including as
system CIO. He has been active in EDUCAUSE, including service on the
Administrative Systems Advisory committee, as well as in Internet2 as a
member of the External Relations Advisory Council. Dolgonas has also served
on various industry advisory committees, including those of IBM and Sun. He
holds a Bachelors degree from the University of California, Davis and an MBA
from UCLA.

The Richard Rose Award, presented by the Internet2 K20 Initiative, in which
Richard Rose played an early and influential leadership role, focuses on
efforts to extend advanced networking and applications from research
universities to the broadest education community, including primary and
secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, zoos, aquariums,
and performing arts and cultural centers, America's "anchor institutions."
The Award celebrates educators or technologists who have had a demonstrable
impact on the K-20 community. Mr. Rose was the executive director of the
University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System (UMATS) and USM
Office IT, when he passed away in January 2007.

The award was presented on April 24, 2012, at the Spring 2012 Internet2
Member Meeting held in Arlington, Virginia. For more information about the
Richard Rose Award, visit

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  • [I2-NEWS] California’s Jim Dolgonas, Presiden t and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of CENIC, Awarded Inte rnet2 2012 Richard Rose Award, Todd Sedmak, 04/25/2012

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