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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Add composite as member takes really long time - MariaDB

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Re: [grouper-users] Add composite as member takes really long time - MariaDB

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  • From: Carl Waldbieser <>
  • To: Shilen Patel <>
  • Cc: grouper-users <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Add composite as member takes really long time - MariaDB
  • Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 16:25:51 -0400 (EDT)
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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


I actually cannot reproduce the behavior, now. I tried it again, and now the
composite group adds easily.
I am at a loss to explain why the process seems almost effortless, now.

Carl Waldbieser
ITS Identity Management
Lafayette College

----- Original Message -----
From: "Shilen Patel"
To: "waldbiec"
Cc: "grouper-users"
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2018 3:12:33 PM
Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Add composite as member takes really long time -

Hi Carl,

Are you able to reproduce this issue using GSH and while it’s hanging, do a
‘kill -3’ or jstack and send the stacktrace so we can see where the problem


- Shilen

On 4/30/18, 11:42 AM,
on behalf of Carl Waldbieser"
on behalf of

I experienced a strange error in Grouper this morning.
I have my standard "allow" and "deny" groups for a policy. I wanted to
add a cohort to the allow policy, but there were some particular exclusions I
needed to apply to the cohort list I was provided.
I created a reference group for the provided cohort, and a reference
group for the exclusions, and then I created a composite group that was the
provided cohort minus the exclusions. So far so good. The composite ended
up having 247 members.

Next, I attempted to add this composite to my "allow" policy. This ended
up timing out in the UI. I tried adding the composite to the "allow" policy
using GSH, and after a short period of time, I received a stack trace. In
the Grouper logs, I saw:

ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(234) - - Lock wait timeout
exceeded; try restarting transaction

I contacted our DB admins. The DB admin found a lock originating from a
sleeping Grouper process and killed it. I tried to re-run from GSH again
while the DB admin monitored the progress. This time the query ran for 10
minutes. The DB admin could see it had created a temp table while holding
~50,000 row locks.

At this point I terminated the client connection and the transaction
rolled back on the DB side. I exported the composite group membership to a
spreadsheet, then imported the membership into a "workaround" reference
group. I was able to add this workaround group to the "allow" policy without
any issues, and it took only a second or two for the operation to complete
using the UI.

I tried searching the Jira for this issue, but I didn't turn up any
results. Has anyone run into an issue similar to this? We are running
Grouper 2.2.1 with a MariaDB cluster back end.

Is there any reason why adding a composite caused the issue vs. adding a
static cohort?

Carl Waldbieser
ITS Identity Management
Lafayette College

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