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grouper-users - [grouper-users] grouper DB 2.2.1 upgrade from 2.1.4 issues

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[grouper-users] grouper DB 2.2.1 upgrade from 2.1.4 issues

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  • From: Rahul Doshi <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] grouper DB 2.2.1 upgrade from 2.1.4 issues
  • Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 14:58:34 +0000
  • Accept-language: en-US


I did another test upgrade for our current production grouper database.  I was able to perform the upgrade but the process wasn’t entirely smooth.  Here are some of the issues that I faced which I might indicate a bug in the upgrade process or something that I am doing wrong.

  1. When I tried to generate the upgrade script using ./gsh –registry –check  it asked me to run loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog”) from the current grouper.  I was surprised by the message because I did do that step before I ran ./gsh –registry –check but anyways I went ahead and ran  loaderRunOneJob("CHANGE_LOG_changeLogTempToChangeLog”)  and made sure nothing is in the change_log_entry_temp table. Second time I tried to generate upgrade script again I got the same message.  I kept doing this couple of times as you can see from the changelogentries below before I decided to delete changelogtemp entry right before I enter response yes when ./gsh –registry –check asks "Are you sure you want to schemaexport all tables (dropThenCreate=F,writeAndRunScript=F) in db user ‘xxxx', db url 'jdbc:mysql://xxxxl/xxx'? (y|n)” and that worked.
change_log_type_id context_id created_on sequence_number string01 string02 string03 string04 string05 string06 string07 string08 string09 string10 string11 string12
792e47bdfb6748e18bc5a39aea2cd869 65cdcaf595134415972192894a5a9041 1.41773E+15 8461680   b2919af998f04ab387eaf1fff1d0abe4 groupAttrReaders access
792e47bdfb6748e18bc5a39aea2cd869 ee04c1cb97e44405b05e2dec2f716be4 1.41773E+15 8461681   d0376921bfaf42a7b06ead304f2c5b2e groupAttrReaders access
792e47bdfb6748e18bc5a39aea2cd869 4e5607cb32864c13a6b7defcf8e3b3ab 1.41773E+15 8461682   064401bf77d44f3fb0a444e7f566ecdb groupAttrReaders access
792e47bdfb6748e18bc5a39aea2cd869 e871fece49884f2d971b67825850efa1 1.41773E+15 8461683   17e939ee727f4121a614d6cb7d757fe4 groupAttrReaders access

2.  Second issue that I faced was upgrade script aborted half way with the error"2014-12-04 14:18:42,291: [main] ERROR GrouperAntProject.log(73) -  - Failed to execute:   CREATE VIEW grouper_rpt_group_field_v (GROUP_NAME, GROUP_DISPLAYNAME, FIELD_TYPE, FIELD_NAME, MEMBER_COUNT) AS select as group_name, gg.display_name as group_displayName, gf.type as field_type,”.  This is simply because script doesn’t generate DROP VIEW statement for grouper_rpt_group_field_v and when it tries to create that view it fails.  To workaround the problem when I ran the upgrade script I manually deleted that view and everything worked


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