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grouper-users - [grouper-users] Unknown error in psp logs

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[grouper-users] Unknown error in psp logs

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  • From: Vincent Repain <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] Unknown error in psp logs
  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:49:30 +0100


I am provisioning groups and members in a ldap directory with grouper psp (flat structure, config based on psp-example-grouper-to-openldap)
This works fine, i.e my groups and memberships are correctly provisioned and updated, however, the log file show me an error like this :

2012-11-14 14:40:16,033: [Timer-2] ERROR Psp.execute(811) - - Psp 'psp' - BulkSync BulkSyncResponse[id=<null>,status=failure,error=<null>,errorMessages={},requestID=2012/11/14-14:39:45.433,responses=2497]
2012-11-14 14:40:16,298: [Timer-2] ERROR Psp.execute(813) - - Psp 'psp' - BulkSync SPML:
<psp:bulkSyncResponse xmlns:psp='' status='failure' requestID='2012/11/14-14:39:45.433'>
<psp:syncResponse status='success' requestID='2012/11/14-14:39:45.708'>
<psp:synchronizedResponse xmlns:psp=''>
<psp:psoID ID='cn=grouper,ou=groups,dc=insa-rennes,dc=fr' targetID='insa:ldap'/>
<psp:id ID='grp:admin:grouper'/>
<psp:syncResponse status='success' requestID='2012/11/14-14:39:45.817'>
<psp:synchronizedResponse xmlns:psp=''>
<psp:psoID ID='cn=test,ou=groups,dc=insa-rennes,dc=fr' targetID='insa:ldap'/>
<psp:id ID='grp:d:test'/>

...followed by the list of all my groups and members. All syncResponse in this list have the status 'success' and, again, the groups and members are correctly updated in my directory.

This happend when i launch the provisioning using " -psp -bulkSync...", with or without "-interval ..."
When I launch psp for one group for testing (with "-sync <id>"), the log file show me no error

Did i miss something ?


PS : = ERROR in

Vincent Repain
INSA de Rennes
Centre de ressources informatiques

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