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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] changelog psp problem

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Re: [grouper-users] changelog psp problem

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  • From: Tom Zeller <>
  • To: Francesco <>
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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] changelog psp problem
  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 21:11:43 -0500

Yes, your configuration (sent off-list) is advanced, you are
provisioning groups from two stems to multiple targets with two ldap
representations, simple and samba, based on the stem. Good work !

I will probably have more comments later, but for now ...

If you want to provision a memberUid attribute when a member is added
or removed from a group, you will need to add an <attribute
name="memberUid" ... /> element to the group membership provisioned
service objects :

<!-- Provision a group membership triggered by the grouper change log. -->
<pso id="groupMembership1">
ref="changeLogMembershipSubjectId" />

and you will need to add the attribute definition to psp-resolver.xml,
so you might try (unsuccessfully) :

<!-- The value of the "changeLogMembershipSubjectId" attribute is the
subject id of a membership change log entry. -->
<resolver:Dependency ref="AddMembershipChangeLogDataConnector" />
<resolver:Dependency ref="DeleteMembershipChangeLogDataConnector" />

However, the above will not work because memberUid will be provisioned
for your simple as well as samba groups, and I think you want
memberUid provisioned for samba groups only.

Take a look at the "changeLogMembershipLdapSubjectId" attribute
definition. You will want to return the subject ids of members if the
group name of a membership change log entry starts with
"unimore:domains". I think the attribute definition below will work,
but I did not try it. I think lastIndexOf is the emca script
equivalent of startsWith.

<!-- The value of the "changeLogMembershipSambaSubjectId" attribute
is the subject identifier of the member
of a membership change log entry where the group name starts with
"unimore:domains". -->
<resolver:Dependency ref="AddMembershipChangeLogDataConnector" />
<resolver:Dependency ref="DeleteMembershipChangeLogDataConnector" />
// Import Shibboleth attribute provider.


// Create the attribute to be returned.
changeLogMembershipSambaSubjectId = new

// Return 'subjectId' attribute values if the 'groupName'
starts with 'unimore:domains'.
if (typeof groupName != "undefined" && groupName != null ){
if (groupName.getValues().get(0).lastIndexOf("unimore:domains",
0) >= 0) {
if (typeof subjectId != "undefined" && subjectId != null ){


The sourceAttributeID below should be "groupName" (not "groupsNames")
to match the add and delete membership change log entries.

Hope this helps, let us know.

> Note the following from psp-resolver.xml:
>  <resolver:AttributeDefinition
>     id="changeLogMembershipGroupName"
>     xsi:type="grouper:FilteredName"
>     sourceAttributeID="groupName">
> this is wrong, because the sourceAttributeID should be 'groupsNames'.
> With this wrong definition provisioning works fine short the provisioning of
> the memberUid field (at group creation it works, but when a member is added
> only hasMember and member are updated).

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