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grouper-users - Bad memberships and groups

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Bad memberships and groups

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  • From: Mirko Tasler <>
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  • Subject: Bad memberships and groups
  • Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 14:49:15 +0100


the Bad Membership Finder Utility creates a GSH script which does the following tasks (here, for a group):
- remove all members
- revoke all privileges
- SQL: delete from grouper_memberships where ... mship_type='effective'
- SQL: delete from grouper_memberships where ... mship_type='composite'
- re-adding all members
- re-granting privileges
This (and also the Finder Utility run itself) is really, really slow. Is it possible to do this (or at least the deletion part) in pure SQL or is there even another, faster way?

Also we've encountered some groups whose members (always subgroups) cannot be deleted by UI, GSH or WS, and some groups which cannot be added as members to certain other groups for reasons unknown - trying to do so leads to GSH / UI / WS hanging apparently indefenitely. I'm suspecting our heavily usage of groups as member of groups (as member of groups as member of groups as member of...) and am wondering if someone had similar problems? How did you solve them?

Last but not least, Grouper Loader does not remove some auto-generated groups even though they're no longer in the provided SQL list. What are the conditions by which Grouper Loader decides to remove groups? And how does Grouper Loader identify those groups?



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