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grouper-users - Provisioning attributes with LDAPpc

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Provisioning attributes with LDAPpc

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  • From: "Cramton, James" <>
  • To: "Grouper Users Mailing List" <>
  • Subject: Provisioning attributes with LDAPpc
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 07:12:54 -0400

Greetings, folks,


My apologies for being out of the loop at a critical time in Grouper 1.4’s development. But I need clarification on the current capabilities of LDAPpc WRT provisioning group attributes from Grouper into LDAP. We have a use case where a Sympa mailing list or a Bedework calendar group needs to know a primary owner of a group. In the case of course groups, the logical choice might be an instructor group, except those groups tend to have multiple members, and that does not work well in the applications. We are weighing the benefits of creating an “owner” or “primary instructor” group vs. storing owner/primary instructor information in an attribute of the group in both Grouper and LDAP. We lean towards an attribute, because our custom LDAP provisioning code has good support for provisioning group attributes into LDAP. But we want to get back into the LDAPpc fold, so we want to be sure LDAPpc will support this functionality.


What are options for provisioning Grouper attributes into LDAP using the 1.4 version of LDAPpc?  I’ve seen chatter about support for this functionality via the attribute resolver in 1.5. What is the anticipated ETA for that?




James Cramton
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Brown University


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