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grouper-users - LDAPPC provisioning of rollup groups

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LDAPPC provisioning of rollup groups

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  • From: Tim Darby <>
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  • Subject: LDAPPC provisioning of rollup groups
  • Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 13:59:09 -0700

I've created course groups with the following naming scheme: ED195A:002:all ED195A:002:instructor ED195A:002:learner ED195A:002:primaryinstructor ED195A:all

The "all" groups at each level contain the instructor, learner, and primary instructor groups.  When I try to provision these using LDAPPC to an empty groups OU, I get errors like this:

2009-06-21 11:42:10,707: [main] WARN  ErrorLog.warn(95) - [edu.internet2.middleware.ldappc.synchronize.GroupEntryS
ynchronizer] SUBJECT[[ NAME = ED195A:002:learner ][ ID = d2b981dc-0a8f-4b51-8e8
e-bd8ffb8934dc ]] Subject not found using [ subject id = ED195A:002:learner ][
source = g:gsa ][ filter = [base=ou=groups,dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu][scope=2][filter=(cn={0})] ]

The groups are all being provisioned and all have people members, but the group ED195A:002:all has no group members.  When I look at how the groups are being provisioned, it appears that LDAPPC is working in alphabetical order.  In my example above, the groups are actually being provisioned in that order.  If that's the case, then the error makes sense because it's saying that it can't add that learner group as a member of the "all" group since the learner group doesn't exist in LDAP yet.  Is this normal behavior or am I missing something?

Tim Darby
University of Arizona

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