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starting out with grouper

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  • Subject: starting out with grouper
  • Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 07:56:03 -0400 (EDT)


Apologies if this message is recieved twice sympa appears to dislike my
adress alternating between and so i am using the
web based posting feature.

I'm starting out with grouper and the first thing that I am struggling with
is to see is how I start out using it with my userbase. Are there any guides
on how to use grouper with a large userbase (73k users)? I've looked at the
documentation and I can see how to bootstrap the wheel group [1] and I can
see some example code for adding a user [2].

However I'm a bit confused as to how I best to bulk add users. Should I
write something based on the AddLocalSubject code[2], or should I be using
the import tool [3] and figuring out how to get my userbase into an xml file?
Or should I be looking at some kind of integration with existing ldap stores
via the subject API and Source interface [4]?

I have already deployed shibboleth login and can propagate that to tomcat so
the authentication angle is sorted.

If anyone is looking for use cases my use case is that I need to have a group
that identifies both medical staff and students. Medical students can easily
be identified by querying a course databases to see who is on a medical
course. Medical staff have to be registered by hand after a conversation with
a medical librarian, the purpose of the conversation is to see if they are a
medic and may involve looking at their contract. Once a user is identified
as "medical" they can look at autopsy videos held outside the institute [5]
and accessed via shibboleth. This looks like the kind of problem that
grouper aims to solve. I have many more potential usecases and see grouper as
potentially a useful service for the entire campus.


Caleb Racey
Newcastle University


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