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Signet 0.3.0 tagged

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  • From: Kathryn Huxtable <>
  • To: "" <>, Signet <>
  • Subject: Signet 0.3.0 tagged
  • Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 09:27:49 -0500

I have tagged the new Subject API release 0.3.0 as SUBJECT_0_3_0 in the CVS

This release adds tests for the JNDISourceAdapter and JDBCSourceAdapter
classes, using an HSQLDB database (supplied) for the JDBC tests, and an
external LDAP provisioned with the KITN test data. The LDAP configuration
for testing ldappc will work for this.

The JNDISourceAdapter now escapes the search strings to prevent LDAP filter

The JDBCSourceAdapter now uses prepared statements, which automatically
prevents SQL injection, in addition to generally speeding up the queries.

There is a syntax change required in the sources.xml file for the new

1. You must specify the number of substitution parameters, and

2. You must use the question mark ("?") instead of '%TERM%' for the
search string. This is not to be in quotes, so you'll need to use
database-dependant mechanisms to concatenate the question mark with
other string data.
The example tagged is for Oracle and uses the Oracle || concatenation


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