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comanage-users - Re: [comanage-users] Making members visible

Subject: COmanage Users List

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Re: [comanage-users] Making members visible

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  • From: Scott Koranda <>
  • To: Duncan Brown <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [comanage-users] Making members visible
  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 07:37:05 -0600
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Hi Duncan,

Comments inline below.

> Thanks, this is 3.3.x as I haven't had chance to upgrade
><> to 4.x
> yet.

We expect 4.0.1 to be released "real soon now". It has some bug fixes
you will want. If you want to upgrade now I would build a new image
against the hotfix-4.0.x branch in GitHub. You can do that when you
build the image by setting


Otherwise I would wait for the 4.0.x release.

> If I view the group CEConsortium, I can see the members. I think my
> mistake is trying to view CO:members:active as a regular user. If I do
> that, I get permission denied (see screenshot). If I view the regular
> group CEConsortium group as a regular user, then I can see the
> membership.

That sounds as designed.

> The reason I tried to look at CO:members:active was that CEConsortium
> also contains users in "Pending Confirmation" and "Duplicate" status
> as my enrollment flow adds people to this group. I can probably just
> go in as the CO admin and remove those people from that group to clean
> it up, though.

Yes, though perhaps if you need a group that only has active users in
it, say for access control to some resource, you could created a
"nested" group and tick the box "Require All for Nested Memberships".
You can make one of the source groups be


Then the user will only be in the new nested group if she is active and
in the group that you drop her into during enrollment.


You will want to upgrade to 4.0.x to use that functionality.

> BTW, I discovered a couple of gotchas in the mailman docker images
> that you may already have seen: psycopg2 needs to be pinned to 2.8.6
> and dnspython needs to be pinned to 1.16.0.

Thanks. I am going to start a private thread to discuss the Mailman 3
docker images (though if anyone on this list is really interested just
drop me a note and I am happy to include).



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