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bcamp2020-07 - [bcamp2020-07] BaseCAMP Day 2

Subject: 2020 BaseCAMP

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[bcamp2020-07] BaseCAMP Day 2

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  • From: Dean Woodbeck <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: [bcamp2020-07] BaseCAMP Day 2
  • Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 22:29:08 +0000

Hello BaseCAMPers,


I hope you found the first day of BaseCAMP productive with at least some respites from drinking from the proverbial fire hose.


Day 2 will focus on federation. Kevin Morooney will kick things off, then we’ll have three sessions on federation:

  1. An introduction to Federation and definition of key concepts
  2. Details on the inner workings of the federation, including use of the Federation Manager portal – one key to InCommon participation
  3. Some advanced concepts, including how you can ensure you are collaboration-ready


CAMP Fires will be topic-driven tomorrow and you all are in the driver’s seat. Is there something that came up Monday that you want to discuss with others? Perhaps there are questions that come up during the first Tuesday session. We’ll gather discussion topics from now through the first 1.5 hours of BaseCAMP on Tuesday (until 1:30 pm ET), then provide instructions on how to sign up for a specific topic. We’ll also have a room (at least one) for self-identified newbies, if you want to  kibbutz with others who are also new.


You’ll find a spot in Canvas Discussions module calling for topics – just reply to my note there (


Also on the Canvas home page, you’ll see a Resources section. That’s where we’ll post the slides and videos as they become available. The slides from Tom Jordan’s presentations are available there now. Look for the Resources headline, then the “resources” box under that headline.


Finally, I encourage you to not be shy about unmuting your mic and asking questions. In an in-person meeting we can see faces and expressions and see if the message is clear. That’s hard to do on Zoom. You’ll get the most out of BaseCAMP if you provide questions, ask for clarification, etc., either in the chat or via live audio.





Dean Woodbeck

Director of Community Awareness

Internet2 Trust and Identity

  • [bcamp2020-07] BaseCAMP Day 2, Dean Woodbeck, 07/20/2020

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