CIFER contact

CIFER Registries discussion

CINC UP: Cyber Security Research Acceleration Workshop and Showcase

Cloud 101: Campus Cloud Service Deployment Workshop (April 23)

Connector/Network Member Principals 01/21/2016

NSTIC MultiFactor Authn Cohortium Submission

COmanage News and Announcements

COmanage Community Discussion

COmanage Users List

comitt project

Create commonidtrust list

E.B.: Moving to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services (April 23)

E.B.: Google Cloud Platform for Research (April 23)

The Fast Data Transfer Tool: Overcoming Limitations to High Performance Transfers Over the Wide Area Network Tutorial

Grouper Announcements and News

Grouper Core Developers

Grouper Developers Forum


List for Grouper demo sysadmins

Grouper Users - Open Discussion List

Announcement list for Grouper Training

Grouper in Action - Access Management Strategies for Higher Education and Research

2018 Internet2 Global Summit

Contact for Internet2 Middleware Initiative

IAM Pros Rocky Mountain Region

InCommon Confab April 2012

ICN Training & Hackfest

Establishing an IdP Proxy service with SimpleSAMLphp

Understanding the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Tutorial

InCert News and Announcements

InCert information contact

Internet2 Performance Portal

IPv6 Solutions Tutorials

Discussion List for Freenum/ITAD Subscriber Number (ISN) Project

Contact for Open Source Identity Management Software for Higher Ed

open source IdM products discussion

Assess various policy engines using MACE-Paccman benchmark use cases

Empower Your Network & Applications: Hands-on SDN Tutorial Highlighting Advanced Concepts on SDN Nationwide Testbeds Tutorial

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 03/24/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 07/24/14

Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop 09/29/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 07/25/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 09/30/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 11/11/14

Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop 02-24-15

Shibboleth Workshop 02/04/2016

Shibboleth Workshop 05/19/2016

Shibboleth Workshop 06/2/2016

Shibboleth Workshop 06/23-24/2016

Shibboleth Workshop October 2016

Shibboleth Workshop April 2017

Shibboleth Workshop June 2017

Shibboleth Workshop July 2017

Shibboleth Workshop November 2017

SIP and VoIP In-Depth Tutorial

Social Gateway Feedback

Social Identity

Staff attending 2016 Technology Exchange

Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions

Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions

Internet2's VP for Small to Medium Higher Ed Institutions

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