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Fwd: 2006.06.06 NANOG-NOTES CC1 ENUM LLC update

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  • From: John Todd <>
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  • Subject: Fwd: 2006.06.06 NANOG-NOTES CC1 ENUM LLC update
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 11:10:31 -0700

NANOG, for those of you who aren't aware, is the North American Network Operator's Group.

Here are some notes taken at a talk by people involved in the CC1 ENUM project at NANOG:

Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 07:04:48 -0700
From: "Matthew Petach"

Subject: 2006.06.06 NANOG-NOTES CC1 ENUM LLC update

(sorry these are coming out delayed, I had to deal with an internal
routing challenge
for much of yesterday afternoon. --Matt)

2006.06.06 CC1 ENUM LLC


6bone is being shut down today, on the grounds
that IPv6 is live and commercial, based on Jeordi's

Quotes slide, link to page you can register your
apps on...

Moderator for second session,
Vish from Netflix, member of program committee.

couple of topics to talk about; will start off
with Karen Mulberry
from Neustar talking about the US ENUM trial

This is her first NANOG, very informative,
interesting, entertaining.

CC1 ENUM LLC --what is it?
some background: north american numbering plan,
19 countries.
formed sept 2004 by industry
CC1 shared by 19 countries? US and canada and

LLC obtained the CC1 ENUM trial delegation in Feb 2006
1 exists at RIPE, points to a server in Canada,
waiting for the rest to happen.
USG "guiding principle" and canadian government
and carribean--interoperate, protect privacy,
foster innovation, promote competition.

US Trial is for End User ENUM ONLY
applied to FCC for numbering for trial, waiver
hasn't been given yet; only regional numbers,
no 800, toll free, or other non-geo numbers used
during trial
No testing in of carrier enum.

CC1 ENUM trial
test service as interface within CC1, specifically
in US
CIRA will host the temporary Tier 1 registry
Each CC1 country must opt into ENUM trial, gets
their own Tier 1 registry
CIRA just handles 800 area codes for CC1 for US
Canada itself has a trial committee, they are
preparing their own corp. to handle Canada.
And Jamaica is going to do their own.

US Trial, TPAC is committee of trial participants,
will produce trial results.

Each country will do their own Tier 1B registry

Trial roles--a number identified; Tier1B is a subset
of a Tier1 registry
Tier2 provider.
Local exchange provider has to provide...
[wow, slide went fast]

Trial in 3 phases.
registry infrastructure
registry/registrar interface
application testing

phase 2 is under development; phase 3 has some
proposals. Phase 1 is underway.

TPAC (trial committee) -- 11 members signed MOU
developed documents thus far

TPAC US trial estimated timeline
phase 1: registry infrastructure
late june/july, lasts 2 months, starts
after FCC grants waiver
phase 2: registry/registrar interface
expected to start aug, lasts 2 months
depends on when phase 1 ends, depends on FCC
phase 3 applications
later this fall

CC1 timeline as of march 2006
[eyechart slide, good luck reading it.]

By Q4 2006, an RFP will be issued for commercial
tier1 and tier1B registries for CC1, goal to go
live mid 2007.

commercial operations
2 RFPs
tier 1A (for all CC1)
tier 1B for US
expect to see the RFPs Q3/Q4 2006,
beta late next year.

Challenges facing enum
defining the global standard for Carrier/Infrastructure
/Operator/Provider ENUM
Protecting end user security and privacy
managing opt in requirements
ensuring verification and authentication
integrating domestic/global policy mandates.

how do we integrate what happens in the US with
the rest of the world.

CC1 ENUM info resources

Canadian ENUM Working Group

Q: What about bringing carrier/operator enum to IETF
A: working on it -- there was an announcement yesterday
in regards to that.

Moving on to next speaker now.

John Todd
Networking, Tello Corp.


  • Fwd: 2006.06.06 NANOG-NOTES CC1 ENUM LLC update, John Todd, 06/08/2006

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