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Subject: SIP in higher education

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Re: [] looking for book recommendations on SIP

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  • From: Candace Holman <>
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  • Subject: Re: [] looking for book recommendations on SIP
  • Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 14:25:53 -0500

There's an Amazon listmania list, "Books about SIP and related protocols and technologies". Looks good except for the book about raising hamsters.


Dennis Baron wrote:
(Feel free to reply privately since there are just one or two
Pulverizers lurking on this list:-)

:-) There are almost 300 people subscribed to the mailing list
at this point - so there are _lots_ of people lurking!

Also, is there a *current* cookbook for OpenSER anywhere with examples
of cfg's not just a reference?

I don't think so - and I'm not sure how different things are between
SER and OpenSER. But we're running OpenSer (1.0.0-tls (i386/linux))
at MIT. Anybody willing to help update the cookbook for OpenSER?

Can you recommend any good books on SIP? What about this one:

SIP Beyond VoIP: The Next Step in the IP Communications Revolution. VON
Publishing LLC (2005). ISBN 0974813001 $35

I found this one valuable - good look into where things are going -
not that it gives you all the answers!

Two others that probably offer a little better starting point for

SIP Demystified by Gonzalo Camarillo; McGraw-Hill Professional;
1st edition (August 28, 2001) ISBN: 0071373403

Internet Communications Using SIP by Henry Sinnreich, Alan B. Johnston;
Wiley; 1st edition (October 15, 2001) ISBN: 0471413992

The latter two are a bit more dated. My recollection is that one is
slightly better if you are coming from a "telecom" background and one
is better if you are coming from a "networking" background - but I
can't remember which! And both my copies have been loaned out so many
times that I no longer rembember who has them.


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