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Subject: SIP in higher education

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[Forwarded] SIPphone Peering With UC San Diego

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  • From: Ben Teitelbaum <>
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  • Subject: [Forwarded] SIPphone Peering With UC San Diego
  • Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:19:03 -0400
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We have discussed the SIPphone peering with UCSD on a recent
call, so most of this announcement was not news to this group. But,
who are the 25+ other universities?! Is anyone else in this group,
working with SIPphone?

-- ben

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  • Subject: SIPphone Peering With UC San Diego
  • Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 10:33:02 -0600
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This may be of interest to Quilters.

>>> Michael Robertson
>>> <>
>>> 10/5/04 >>>
Here's an announcement that we made last week. We have about 25+
universities we are setting up to peer with. I'd like to hear what this

group thinks of this strategy.

It works very well in our testing. We help the universities get setup
with technical support and we've written a white paper on it.
It's less than $1000 of hardware to have a 20+ call simultaneous call

-- MR

*The* University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and VoIP startup
SIPphone, Inc. today announce they have interconnected their telephone

networks. SIPphone was started by Michael Robertson, UCSD alumni and
founder of and Linspire, Inc.

By interconnecting the telephone networks, UCSD and SIPphone have
enabled the following:

* UCSD's 10,000 phones can now directly dial any of the thousands
SIPphone users in over 100 countries around the world, free of
* SIPphone users can directly dial any UCSD phone at no cost using
either their regular phone connected to a standards-based SIP
adapter or with one of SIPphone's free softphones that run on
Windows, Mac or Linux based computer
* UCSD's staff, students and professors can take advantage of
SIPphone's free, on-the-fly conference calling system, voicemail
to email and other advanced VoIP features

"Just as universities were the birth place of the internet, they're
leading the charge with internet calling," says SIPphone CEO and
Michael Robertson. "UC San Diego's phone system is now modernized to
make free calls with the VoIP world using SIP technology," adds

"UCSD is always looking for ways to improve the services we provide our

faculty, staff and student body," says Dr. Elazar Harel, assistant vice

chancellor of administrative computing and telecommunications for UCSD.

"By interconnecting with SIPphone's free SIP network, no matter where
our students and faculty travel in the world, they will still be
connected to our local phone network. This project is still in an
experimental mode -- we expect to learn a lot and expand features over


International students will enjoy a connection to family and friends
previously unavailable. For example, a student from India can talk to
her family for free as long as she wants. Professors teaching abroad
keep their UCSD phone number, even if they are working in China, Europe

or the Middle East.

"My family in New Delhi can't believe it," says Puneet Sharma, a
graduate researcher in UCSD's electrical and computer engineering
department. "Calls between India and the US are normally prohibitively

expensive, which means we have only been able to call sporadically and

in rushed calls. Now my family can call me every day if they like just

using a $60 phone adapter and their broadband connection. It is cheaper

for my mom to call me than it is for her to call my brother who lives
India. That's crazy, right?"

In addition to extending the UCSD phone network around the globe, the
interconnection immediately boosts the features UCSD can offer its
10,000 phone network users. By interconnecting with SIPphone's network
professor can now add a "Virtual SIP Number" from most major cities in

the United States or even the UK that allows them to have a "local"
number in cities like New York, Miami or Chicago.

*About SIPphone, Inc.* is the leader in Internet calling. With no monthly fees,
setup fees, free PC softphones and SIP adapters for standard phones
starting under $60 (
<>), anyone around the world with
access can now enjoy the benefits of free worldwide calling, clear
digital calls, free voicemail, free conference calling and zero
configurations devices based on SIPphone's Plug-N-Dial standard
( <>). SIPphone's service uses

an inexpensive device that sits between your broadband Internet
connection and your standard phone that enable phone calls via a

SIPphone was founded by Michael Robertson, who also founded
(digital music) and Linspire (digital delivery of software). SIPphone
( <>) is based in San Diego,


Michael Robertson

Read the latest Michael's Minute here

CEO, Linspire Inc <> - World's Most Affordable
CEO, SIPphone <> Inc - Call worldwide for free!

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  • [Forwarded] SIPphone Peering With UC San Diego, Ben Teitelbaum, 10/07/2004

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