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perfsonar-announce - [perfsonar-announce] Reminder: perfSONAR 4.0 webinar TODAY

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[perfsonar-announce] Reminder: perfSONAR 4.0 webinar TODAY

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  • From: Andrew Lake <>
  • To: , "" <>
  • Subject: [perfsonar-announce] Reminder: perfSONAR 4.0 webinar TODAY
  • Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 14:52:35 +0100
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The perfSONAR 4.0 webinar is still on for today (it starts in little over an hour from the sending of this note). Sorry for any confusion that made it look like it was cancelled, that was just an errant calendar invite. It is still happening and details are below:

The webinar will take place today April 20th at 11am EDT, and will be 1 hour.

To view the webinar, you have these options:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or a H.323/SIP room system:
    H.323: (US West) or (US East) 
    Meeting ID: 177 445 995

This webinar will focus on the following topics:

New perfSONAR 4.0 features:
  -  A complete redesign of our graphing tools. We will demo these graphs in detail.
  -  A new test scheduler called pScheduler. We will go over the new features of this tool.

We will review the various perfSONAR 'bundles', and which bundle you should use depending on your use case.

We will go over what you should expect will happen when your host auto-updates to v4.0, and what you need to know about updating your perfSONAR host from CentOS6 to CentOS7.

This webinar will be recorded for those who want to watch it later. We plan to do the webinar again in a couple weeks at a later time for those in other time zones.

A future webinar will focus on managing multiple perfSONAR hosts using our Central Management tools and using a central Measurement Archive.¶

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