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perfsonar-announce - perfSONAR 3.4 now available!

Subject: perfSONAR Announcements

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perfSONAR 3.4 now available!

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  • From: Andrew Lake <>
  • To: "" <>, perfsonar-announce <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: perfSONAR 3.4 now available!
  • Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:00:00 -0400


The final version of perfSONAR 3.4 is now available for all users. Version
3.4 includes a number or changes from the 3.3.X versions of the toolkit

- A new measurement archive that stores all types of active measurement data.
It boasts a new REST interface and significant performance improvements over
the previous archive
- A new "full install" distribution similar to the NetInstall but all
installed packages are included on the downloaded ISO
- New graphs that can display results from throughput (bwctl+iperf3/iperf)
and latency (owamp and ping) tools on the same graph
- First steps toward unifying the projects formerly known as perfSONAR-MDM
and perfSONAR-PS into one development effort with the inclusion of the OPPD
Measurement Point
- A number of security enhancements including the enabling of automatic
updates by default for all new and existing installations
- New documentation at
- …and much more detailed on our release notes page:

A brief summary of how to install perfSONAR 3.4 can be found below:

- Brand new installations may visit to get the latest ISO
images. Please see for more
information on choosing the right distribution and pointers to detailed
installation instructions

- For NetInstall users updating from version 3.3.X of the Toolkit you should
run "yum update" and then "reboot". Note that all your data will
automatically be migrated to the new measurement archive in a background
process. See for more

- For NetInstall users updating from version 3.4rc2 or 3.4rc3, run the
yum update
yum clean all
yum update

- For 3.3.X LiveCD/LiveUSB users, note that we are not providing a 3.4
LiveCD/LiveUSB. It is recommended all users transition to one of our other
installation types prior to the previously shared EOL date of April 10, 2015.
For instructions on how to do so see

- Note that upgrading from versions of perfSONAR older than 3.3 is NOT

brand new toolkit or update from a previous version of the Toolkit, automatic
updates will be enabled by default. This means all the packages on your
system will be updated on a nightly-basis. Automatic updates will assist in
getting the latest packages on your box in a timely fashion. This does not
mean you are off the hook for patching your box. Not only will there be a
time window of up to 24 hours where you do not receive a patch, but depending
on the nature of the vulnerability there may be additional service restarts,
system reboots or other tasks required to completely apply a patch. Pay close
attention to the the perfsonar-announce mailing list for more details. Also
be aware that automatic updates have the potential to grab packages that may
break services on your box. The perfSONAR team does not get early access to
third-party packages prior to their release (nor are we perfect when it comes
to our own packages) so this is a very real risk. If a temporary outage
caused by an automatic update is a concern for you, then you may consider
disabling them. Please see for more
details on making this decision and how to enable/disable automatic updates.

Hopefully above provides you with all the information you need to get
started. Thanks again to all the great user feedback that led to this release
and the numerous people that helped test via our release candidates or
otherwise. For questions please consult or email

Thank you,
The perfSONAR Development Team

  • perfSONAR 3.4 now available!, Andrew Lake, 10/07/2014

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