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perfsonar-announce - perfSONAR LiveCD/LiveUSB and perfSONAR Toolkit v3.3 End of Life (EOL)

Subject: perfSONAR Announcements

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perfSONAR LiveCD/LiveUSB and perfSONAR Toolkit v3.3 End of Life (EOL)

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  • From: Jason Zurawski <>
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  • Subject: perfSONAR LiveCD/LiveUSB and perfSONAR Toolkit v3.3 End of Life (EOL)
  • Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 13:48:54 -0400


In the coming days we will announce the availability of the latest version of
the perfSONAR Toolkit. We wanted to make the community aware of two important
announcements related to version 3.3 of the software:

1) This is the initial notification that the scheduled the End of Life (EOL)
for the pS Performance Toolkit v3.3 will be Friday April 10th, 2015. All
architectures of the pS Performance Toolkit v3.3 (i386, x86_64) are impacted,
and the software will be removed from the active mirrors on that date. For
individuals who would like to have access to the historic RPMs, the project
has created a "vault" containing last builds of project software from prior

The Internet2 repository software (versions 0.4-2 and above for version 3.3
users) contains directives to enable this feature. The repository package
can be found in these locations, or will be updated for existing installation
via YUM:

Once enabled, the vault will allow existing toolkit builds to access the old
RPMs. However, it will not allow someone to install a fresh instance from a
netinstall ISO. To enable this repo:

a) Edit the "/etc/yum.repos.d/Internet2-Vault.repo" file and change
"enabled = 0" to "enabled = 1" for both repositories listed in this file

b) Run 'yum update' to update the cache of packages

The software for version 3.3 will be added as we get closer to the EOL date.

2) The LiveCD/LiveUSB tool will no longer be available in the 3.4 release.
The decision to EOL this product completely was based on a number of factors:

- A recent perfSONAR review showed that ~2% of the current of
deployed instances are LiveCD

- A user survey showed that many institutions prefer to integrate
their perfSONAR node into active configuration management systems to manage

- Recent vulnerabilities, such as shellshock, can impact static
software instances more so than a version that is able to be updated

- By eliminating the LiveCD/LiveUSB, we can focus on improving the
existing products and exploring other areas of interest emphasized by the

The perfSONAR project will continue to support the 3.3.x LiveCD/LiveUSB for
an additional 6 months (until April 10th 2015), and then will cease offering
builds. During this period of time we will be generating new products when a
serious vulnerability is found (similar to how we have done with shellshock
and heartbleed), or when a critical kernel vulnerability is announced. We
will continue to announce the availability of new builds via the user and
announce lists when they are available. Institutions that are using the Live
products currently are encouraged to upgrade when 3.4 becomes available.

Thanks, and please relay any questions about these announcements to the
perfSONAR Development team:

The perfSONAR Toolkit Development Team

  • perfSONAR LiveCD/LiveUSB and perfSONAR Toolkit v3.3 End of Life (EOL), Jason Zurawski, 10/06/2014

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