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k20innovators - Fwd: JASON Wetlands, I2

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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Fwd: JASON Wetlands, I2

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  • From: Jennifer MacDougall <>
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  • Subject: Fwd: JASON Wetlands, I2
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:43:24 -0500

K20 Innovators and Advisory Board,

FYI - here is the latest from the Institute for Exploration at Mystic Aquarium who have partnered with the Jason Foundation to provide access to the Wetlands Expedition broadcasts for schools that expressed interest in receiving Jason using Internet2.

James Werle and Louis Fox have also been kind enough to create a brief (1 question) survey to try and assess the level of interest out there in receiving Jason over Internet2. Could you please share the survey link with your member organizations/school districts and encourage them to respond. This will go a long way toward working with the Jason Foundation to make expeditions more readily available over Internet2 in the future.

Jason Survey -

Apologies for any duplication on these lists but we would like to make sure it reaches the broadest number of interested communities.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Doros, Brian" <>
Date: January 25, 2005 2:30:15 PM EST
Subject: JASON Wetlands, I2

<x-tad-bigger>Hello Everyone,</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>I would like to go over some technical information with you regarding receiving the JASON Wetlands broadcast via Internet 2.</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>The feed will be an MPEG 2 encoded multicast stream IP encapsulated transmitted at 5 Mb/s. With that said, some questions to be considered are</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>How am I going to decode this?</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Can my network handle multicast packets? Very Important!</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Can my network handle 5 Mb/s worth of additional bandwidth usage? Also Important</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>What is the multicast address and port number of the stream?</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>What is the program SAP title?</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>There are two options for decoding, software or hardware. If you currently own a Brick decoder you are 90% there. At that point all you need to do is set the multicast address and port. If not, you can go on to VBrick’s website and down load a software decoder called </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>StreamPlayer Plus</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger></x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger> I think you can get a 30 day trial but after that you need to register the player for $30. Once you have installed </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>StreamPlayer Plus</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger> on you PC, run the application and if you do not have network multicast issues you should see a list of programs populate the program field one of which will be “JASON Wetlands”. Mouse on to that and click.</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Multicasting is a black art. Configuring your network for multicast is beyond the scope of this service. All I can say is that </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>your network needs to be multicast capable</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>. That is to say that all the firewalls, routers and switches need to be able to pass multicast packets and deal with multicast protocol. Once the stream leaves the internet 2 it is on your local network. The feed will only be as good as your local network is capable.</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>We will be sending the stream at </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>5 Mb/s</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>. Please check with you IT dept that your network has enough bandwidth.</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>The multicast address is </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger> port 4444</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>. We are currently multicasting the menu off the receiver and tone so you would have an image and sound to test with. Please pass this information on to your IT dept.</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>The program title is “</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>JASON Wetlands</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>” if you are using StreamPlayer Plus you should see that in the program list.  </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or issues</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>


<x-tad-bigger>Brian Doros</x-tad-bigger>


<x-tad-bigger>Brian Doros</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Chief Technical Officer</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> Institute For Exploration,  Mystic Aquarium</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>55 Coogan Boulevard</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>Mystic, CT 06355</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger>(860) 572-5955 Ex. 330</x-tad-bigger>





<x-tad-smaller>The Mission of Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is to inspire people everywhere to care about and protect our oceans by exploring and sharing their biological, ecological and cultural treasures.</x-tad-smaller>
Jennifer MacDougall
MAGPI Applications Coordinator

phone: 215.898.0341
fax: 215.898.9348
215-74MAGPI (215-746-2474)

  • Fwd: JASON Wetlands, I2, Jennifer MacDougall, 01/27/2005

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