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k20innovators - update on myK20 functionality

Subject: Remote Instrumentation & Data Visualizations Working Group

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update on myK20 functionality

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  • From: "James Werle" <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: update on myK20 functionality
  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 13:28:16 -0800

Hi Innovators,
we've been busy innovating with myK20.  myK20 seems to be working as a place for people to meet and find projects they want to participate in.  but, it isn't effective as a tool to facilitate communication once groups of people have found each other. 
we're making progress toward that end - to check it out please go here and login to myk20 as usual:
1.) once you've found a project you like, you can associate yourself with that project.  so we now have a way to group  people according to projects they're interested in.   (do a search, get some results, choose a project, and then select "join project group")
2.)  now go to the "myprojects" tab and see the list of projects you a) manage  and b) have indicated you're interested in.  from 'myprojects' tab you can also select projects you want to associate yourself with.  they appear in a list.
3.)  we've put links next to the title of projects - "discuss this project" which will eventually take you to a communication vehilce for that project, either a bulletin board or a listerv.   we're planning for this communication vehicle to be more than just a place to discuss.  there will also be "quick poll" tools, etc.   "chat"  will take you to the chat room for the project.  "people"  will generate a list of other people associated with the project and indicate who are online at thta moment and offer you the ability to chat with that person.    (note:  none of this stuff in 3) actually works yet but it will soon!!)
bottom line:  we're getting really close to be able offer tools to allow people to communicate around a particular project. 

  • update on myK20 functionality, James Werle, 10/31/2003

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