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isn-discuss - Re: [isn-discuss] Problems with ITAD zone delegation

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Re: [isn-discuss] Problems with ITAD zone delegation

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  • From: John Todd <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [isn-discuss] Problems with ITAD zone delegation
  • Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 08:00:22 -0800

On Dec 13, 2013, at 6:04 AM, Paulo Ferreira <> wrote:

Hi Jonh, please see in line.

On 13-12-2013 13:49, John Todd wrote:
Paulo -
   I need to update that documentation (and will in a few hours) - the IP address is incorrect for that resolver.  The current correct IP address is (which is  It's a special resolver shim (called "shotgund" for historical reasons) that will convert an ENUM query including "*" characters into a correct ISN response.  It also does a bunch of other interesting things, like parallel ENUM tree resolution, and domain re-writing.  For a better explanation, see my "dig" example below.  The ENUM query is incorrect as far as the RFC is concerned - it includes the "*" character - but I found that at least a few years ago, most ENUM libraries would include the "*" character when sending out queries externally to resolvers, so this hack can work.

I tried to use the resolver you sent to me, as you can see bellow, but no success, maybe it is filtering some IP traffic from this part of the world :)

OK, that was my fault.  I re-ran the process in the foreground in high-debug mode to see if I could see your incoming connections, and then put my laptop to sleep, which disconnected the session.  Please try again.

  I can get you the source code for shotgund if you're interested in running a local resolver, but it's only marginally well documented and you may have to tweak some settings to make it work for your system.
Yes, I'm interesting to test it if possible and to get more info online if exist. I tried to do a quick google search but I didn't find any useful info regarding this daemon.

Until now, it hasn't really available publicly - I never did complete the documentation project on it, so it was never announced.  But now is as good a time as any.  This is actually a very complex (and dangerous) application, but extremely useful.  Let me know if you run into problems -  the source code and samples are here:


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