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i2-news - CEF Networks workshop, May 16-18th, 2005 in Prague - announcement

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CEF Networks workshop, May 16-18th, 2005 in Prague - announcement

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  • From: Heather BOYLES <>
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  • Subject: CEF Networks workshop, May 16-18th, 2005 in Prague - announcement
  • Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 12:38:06 -0400

Customer Empowered Fibre Networks workshop

May 16-18th, 2005 in Prague - announcement

46 participants from 20 European NRENs (National Research and Educational Networks), USA and Canada met in Prague on May 2004 in order to discuss topics related to the Customer Empowered Fibre (CEF) Networks concept. It was demonstrated in several presentations that the CEF Network concept is already successfully implemented on the national level in several countries. Participants had important discussion about future development, about principles of GEANT2 design and also recommended holding further workshops or seminars oriented to international research cooperation on CEF networks design and implementation. CESNET now announces the second workshop.


Workshop on Customer Empowered Fibre (CEF) Networks 2005 will have two parts. The first part, dedicated to continent-wide, nation-wide, regional and metropolitan CEF Networks will begin on May 16th, 2005 at 10:00 and will be closed on May 17th, 2005 at 16:00. The second part, dedicated to research cooperation of Research and Education Networks (REN) with industry and fibre providers and to equipment for CEF networks prepared now by vendors, will begin on May 18th, 2005 at 10:00 and will be closed on May 18th, 2005 at 16:00. Workshop venue is again in Prague 6 (near CESNET premises).
Participation on this workshop is open for lecturers and REN staff up to limit given by logistic constraints. Participation of other experts is possible, if agreed by CESNET in advance. There is no registration fee. Registration is possible by sending mail to address , registration acceptance will be send back up to 3 working days.


CESNET have accommodation recommendation for participants. Reference to hotels will be given in registration acceptance mail.


We hope that many participants of last year workshop will give lecture on advances in your CEF network. Nevertheless, we are searching for other active partners, which could exchange information about CEF-networks projects, deployment and experience with us and with other participants of this workshop. We very appreciate lectures of non-European participants for wider information exchange. Lecturers from vendors are expected to present research and development results and directions of company and avoid commercial-style speech.

We hope each speaker will be able to hold 20 minutes presentation (30 minutes including discussion), which will specify results from management or technical point of view, or both.


To be more explicit, such presentation could contain some of following topics:

- information concerning dark fibre deployment or at least procurement in your REN (we would appreciate specification, if this lines are planned, contracted, delivered, or have experimental traffic or production traffic)
- experimental dark fibre deployment in RENs
- how to achieve National fibre footprint, if it is possible and effective
- connection of REN PoPs Near over Border (NoB) by dark fibre
- experience with long distance dark fibres for RENs
- design kit of transmission equipment and solution for CEF-design
- experience with operational lines, results from line testing or links to information on emerging transmission technology, if possible
- discussion of preferred next steps of CEF-development (for example collaboration on testing of transmission equipments, etc.)
- cooperation of municipalities, local education authorities, health institutions and regional authorities with RENs or universities in CEF-design and deployment
- right of way, ducts, cables, fibres, waves
- owning, IRU (available only in some countries), fibre lease, installation fee
- experiences with dark fibre procurement
- national fibre footprint is a basement of CEF network
- next step in bottom-up CEF network design is transmission system
- advanced transmission systems for long-distance fibre lines (multiple long span etc.)

- feasibility of PC WAN CEF networks
- design of customer transmission equipment for CEF-networks (including multi-wavelength)
- equipment for all-optical networks

- IC for OEO conversion, low cost regenerators for multiple wavelengths
- what is the foreseeable future in CEF-networks?
- others topics important for CEF-networks design and deployment

If  you are able to offer presentation concerning some of above topics, please send mail to Stanislav Sima () with author(s) name(s), presentation title and short abstract (max. 20 lines) before April 25th, 2005. After that date we will confirm acceptation of presentation to authors.

Finally, please feel free to send this announcement to other REN staff and to vendors supporting CEF networks deployment. Thanks for your help.

With regards


Jan Gruntorad                                                 Stanislav Sima

Heather Boyles + Director, Member and Partner Relations + Internet2
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  • CEF Networks workshop, May 16-18th, 2005 in Prague - announcement, Heather BOYLES, 04/07/2005

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