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Internet2 at EDUCAUSE 2001

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  • From: Greg Wood <>
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  • Subject: Internet2 at EDUCAUSE 2001
  • Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:13:25 -0400
  • Organization: Internet2

[Below are a few Internet2-related sessions at EDUCAUSE 2001 being
held October 28-31 at the Indianapolis Convention Center and RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you know of other sessions at EDUCAUSE about, or of particular interest to, the Internet2 community, please send information or pointers to Adam Csillag at <>. For more information about EDUCAUSE 2001, see:

Middleware Implementation Case Studies
October 28, 1:00PM-4:30PM
Room 120

- Thomas J. Barton, Director of IT Infrastructure
University of Memphis

- Renee Woodten Frost, Project Manager
Internet2 Middleware Initiative

- Louise Miller-Finn, Manager, Enterprise Network Services
Johns Hopkins University

Session convener:
Daniel J. Oberst, Director, CIT Enterprise Services
Princeton University

Early Adopters, a part of the Internet2 Middleware Initiative, is a
group of 11 institutions of higher education working to provide a
testbed for the deployment of middleware technologies. In this
preconference seminar, Early Adopters participants will share their
experiences and lessons learned about deploying and managing directory
services. The speakers will also address example directory-enabled
applications, such as account provisioning.

Middleware 101
October 28, 8:30AM-noon
Room 143

- Kenneth J. Klingenstein, Project Director
Internet2 Middleware Initiative &
Chief Technologist, University of Colorado at Boulder

Session convener:
Michael Quiner, Director for Administrative Technology
Whitman College

This workshop will give attendees an understanding of the technologies
and processes associated with middleware, then provide information on
major middleware activities underway in higher education. The first
section will be an overview of the technical and process issues
associated with core middleware and a discussion of how core middleware
fits into other contexts. The second half of the session will bring
attendees up-to-date on current activities in middleware.

Using the Access Grid for Distributed Video-Enabled Events
October 29, 3:50PM-4:40PM
Room 109/110

- Ted Hanss, Director of Applications Development

From brown-bag talks to full-scale conferences, networked digital video
changes how we interact both formally and informally. This talk will
introduce the Access Grid, an emerging technology increasingly showing
up on campuses. Initiated by Argonne National Laboratory, the AccessGrid
provides a persistent, multicamera video environment for large-scale
distributed collaboration.

Internet2 End-to-End Performance Initiative, or Fat Pipes are Not Enough
Track 6
Tuesday, October 30, 3:55PM-4:45PM
White River Ballroom

- Cheryl Munn-Fremon, Director of the End to End Performance Initiative

- George Brett, Chief Information Architect, End-to-End Performance

This presentation will describe the overall vision and various
activities of the Internet2 End-to-End Performance Initiative.
Activities within the initiative are to establish a performance
measurement infrastructure across Internet2 campuses and labs, perform
analysis of the end-to-end path, and eventually lead to a normal
operational mode where network operations, applications, and the end
user can easily determine network capabilities and restrictions. Of
particular importance is the role of the campus, which provides one
"end" of the network, the computing resources, the applications, and the
user at the other "end" of the end-to-end path.

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Subject: ResearchChannel's Streaming Video Demo - EDUCAUSE Oct 28-30, 2001
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Dear Internet2 Members,

This weekend ResearchChannel will unveil its Internet HDTV and MPEG-2
streaming video demo at the EDUCAUSE 2001 Member Meeting, Indianapolis
Convention Center, Oct 28-30.

This demo was developed as a means to offer new methods of displaying,
interacting with, and streaming the highest quality video produced by
ResearchChannel participants. The demo includes an attractive and
user-friendly graphic display used to communicate high quality video
content and demonstrate the impact of high bandwidth streaming. It's also
a demo that will continue to grow and improve over time as more people try
it, apply it, and offer feedback.

How the Demo Works:
Visitors to the ResearchChannel booth will have the opportunity to browse
a large screen weblist of 20 images and descriptions that represent HDTV
and MPEG-2 video clips. Visitors can then select and play from the weblist
two clips - one HDTV and one MPEG-2 clip. The clips will then stream from
ResearchChannel servers in Seattle across Internet2 and other high speed
networks (HDTV at greater than 250Mbps, MPEG-2 at 5.6Mbps) to the EDUCAUSE
booth. In the booth each clip will display on one of two large plasma
screens. A network meter will be continuously displayed on the weblist to
show the rate of bits streamed at any moment.

HDTV and MPEG-2 Video Clips in Demo:
The demo features video clips from ResearchChannel participating
universities. Specifically, the HDTV clips show beautiful campus tours of
each university, and the MPEG-2 quality clips feature notable research
projects in life sciences, computer sciences, medical and health sciences,
and social sciences.

Please let your colleagues who are attending EDUCAUSE know about this demo
so they can stop by the booth, take a look and offer feedback.

For more information contact:
Susan Brandt, Program Manager, ResearchChannel

Cell during EDUCAUSE Oct 27-30: 206-819-7388
Before and after conference: 212-414-4672

About ResearchChannel
ResearchChannel is a collaborative partnership of research universities
and centers dedicated to broadening the access to, and appreciation of,
our individual and collective activities, ideas, and opportunities in
basic and applied research. ResearchChannel uses content, content
creation, and manipulation processes as a workbench to test materials for
our future analog and digital broadcast and on-demand multimedia
offerings, thus providing an unusual opportunity to experiment with new
methods of distribution and interaction on a global basis. ResearchChannel
distributes research information 24x7 via satellite, direct-broadcast
satellite (EchoStar's DISH Network), cable TV, webcast, on-demand library.

To inquire about how your institution can become involved in these
projects and program distribution, contact the ResearchChannel at

or visit:

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  • Internet2 at EDUCAUSE 2001, Greg Wood, 10/26/2001

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