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i2-news - I2-NEWS: Internet2 Names Leaders in Initiative to Extend Advanced Internet Capabilities

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I2-NEWS: Internet2 Names Leaders in Initiative to Extend Advanced Internet Capabilities

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  • From: "Greg Wood" <>
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  • Subject: I2-NEWS: Internet2 Names Leaders in Initiative to Extend Advanced Internet Capabilities
  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 12:03:10 -0400
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Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 11, 2001— Internet2(R) today announced that Louis
Fox, of the University of Washington, and Bill Mitchell, of the University
of Missouri System, will represent Internet2 in an effort to extend advanced
Internet capabilities to the broader education community including
elementary schools, secondary schools, community colleges, museums and
libraries. This effort will build on state-based networks' access to
Abilene, an Internet2 backbone network. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Fox will
continue to serve their respective institutions in their current roles.

"Access to a nationwide high-performance network is a first step," said
Douglas Van Houweling, president and CEO of Internet2. "Our interest lies
also in exploring ways to leverage the unique and powerful possibilities
advanced networking holds for all of education, and Bill and Louis will
provide energy and expertise to make this happen."

Louis Fox is the Vice Provost for Educational Partnerships and Learning
Technologies at the University of Washington. He leads the UW’s efforts to
meet the educational needs of the state and the region, through
collaboration with K-12 school districts, community colleges, public and
private baccalaureate institutions, business, industry, and non-profit
organizations. He is also responsible for national and international
partnerships. Fox has served the UW in many other roles, including Special
Assistant to the President and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate
Education. His charges include developing programs and strategies that use
information technology to support teaching and learning on campus,
developing applications of information technology to provide educational
services throughout the state, and extending these programs and services
nationally and internationally.

Bill Mitchell is the Associate Vice President for Telecommunications at the
University of Missouri System and Executive Director of MOREnet (Missouri
Research and Education Network). He led the effort to create
MOREnet –Missouri’s first collaborative information technology initiative.
MOREnet provides Internet connectivity, training and technical support to
over 1,100 sites, including the state’s K-12 schools, colleges and
universities, libraries, state government and community information
networks. Mitchell is a past Chair of FARNET (the Federation of American
Research Networks), and has served on the board of directors of the Seminars
on Academic Computing and as the University of Missouri Educom Institutional
Representative. Mitchell is currently the Internet2 Representative for the
University of Missouri System and a member of
He was recently
recognized for his contribution to the library community by being named to
the American Library Association's National Advocacy Honor Roll.

About Internet2(R)
Led by over 180 US universities working with industry and government,
Internet2 is developing and deploying advanced network applications and
technologies for research and higher education, accelerating the creation of
tomorrow’s Internet. Internet2 recreates the partnership of academia,
industry and government that helped foster today's Internet in its infancy.
For more information about Internet2, see:

Greg Wood


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From: Egon Verharen
Organization: SURFnet bv
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Subject: NETCAST: TERENA Networking Conference
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Starting on Monday 14 May 2001 at 12:30 +0200 (EET) sessions from the
TERENA Networking Conference 2001 can be followed on a live video stream
distributed from the conference centre in Antalya, Turkey.

The streaming from the two conference rooms is unicast through a Windows
Media server connected to several NetCache boxes on loan from Network
Appliance with a central distribution point in the Netherlands.

To be able to watch it please go to
You need to have the Windows Media client installed and to follow the
appropriate link to the NetCache server close to your country.

Egon Verharen
-- Egon M. Verharen Innovation Manager
SURFnet bv tel. +31 302 305 367 / 305
'Radboudburcht' fax. +31 302 305 329
POBox 19035 email:

The Netherlands

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From: Jim Ferguson
Subject: NLANR/DAST Releases New Software
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NLANR/DAST Releases New Software

The National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) distributed
applications support team has released several software packages this
spring. Autobuf version 1.0 (,
an auto tuning-enabled FTP client and server, was released April 30. The
client, a modification of the NcFTP Client, enables Auto Tuning to
calculate optimal window sizes before files are transferred. The client is
compatible with most other FTP servers. The server, a modification of the
WuFtp FTP server, allows connecting clients to reset its buffer size
dynamically by using a SITE option.

Iperf 1.2 ( was released in early
April to offer new features that include the ability to run the server as a
daemon, to run the multicast server as a multithreaded server, and to run
the Iperf client in a mode that estimates the optimal window size and also
gives the bandwidth possible with various other window sizes. Iperf is a
TCP/UDP bandwidth measurement tool that is popular with developer and
research communities.

Iperf 1.2 is incorporated in Nettest (,
which is a secure, real-time network monitoring framework developed in the
Distributed Systems Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
The Nettest framework is designed to incorporate both existing and new
network tests and to run as either a daemon or an interactive process.
Written in C++, Nettest was tested and developed on Linux and Solaris systems.

NLANR is a distributed organization that is funded by the National Science
Foundation. The DAST team, based at NCSA, provides support for researchers
working with high-performance network applications. NLANR also includes the
engineering services ( team at the Pittsburgh
Supercomputing Center and the measurement and network analysis
( team at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.


J. W. Ferguson
Distributed Applications Support Team
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR)
NCSA - University of Illinois
Ph. (217) 244-1974

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From: "Gemmill, Jill"

Subject: Managing Digital Video Content Workshop
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 15:40:28 -0500
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You are invited to attend a workshop jointly sponsored by Coalition for
Networked Information, Internet2, Southeastern Universities Research
Association, and ViDe.

Please circulate this announcement to anyone you believe would be
interested in attending.

Jill Gemmill, ViDe Chair


---------- Announcement ----------
Managing Digital Video Content Workshop
August 15-16, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia

The workshop will focus on practical applications of current and emerging
standards --Dublin Core, ODRL, XrML, and MPEG7-- for describing and
managing video assets for any digital video collection, as well as for
sharing collection information in the global environment using the Open
Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol.

Who should attend: Anyone with an interest in managing digital resources
(campus video departments, IT departments, librarians and archivists)

Registration Fee: $80.00

Registration Deadline: July 1, 2001

Keynote speeches:

Globally Sharing Information Assets
Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

MPEG7: Transforming Digital Video Asset Description
Jane Hunter, Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC), Australia

--ViDe Dublin Core Application Profile for Digital Video
--OAI Implementation for Dublin Core
--XML rights metadata for digital video

Putting the pieces together:
--Practical experiences digital video and moving image archives
--Digital asset management vendor panel
--What to look for in a digital asset management system.
--Hands-on breakout workshops for applying the standards, with databases
and programming provided to attendees

Exhibit area showcasing digital asset management system vendors will be
available throughout the conference

Conference sponsors:
Coalition for Networked Information
Southeastern Universities Research Association

Registration: The conference sponsors require a minimum advance
registration of 50; the facilities can hold a maximum of 180. Therefore,
please register as soon as possible.

Conference web site: Contains registration, agenda, hotel &
transportation info:

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