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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] RE: building as group in grouper

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Re: [grouper-users] RE: building as group in grouper

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  • From: Steven Carmody <>
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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] RE: building as group in grouper
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 11:02:37 -0400
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We have a principle that we keep the "feed groups" (the groups produced from the Business Systems feeds) in STEMs that we treat as READ-ONLY. We then use those groups to build up the requested/desired groups. For instance, we have Brown's entire Workday Supervisory ORG tree available in Grouper as a tree. We also get a (primary) Office Location feed from WD.

As Chris notes, things change ... Supervisory ORGs can get moved, reorganized, and deleted. Those changes trigger alerts to the IDM team; the alerts note any groups that include the affected WD groups (eg dept-related groups, Clearance groups, Service Eligibility groups, etc).

And buildings do get renamed. This fall, Brown renamed a building with a lot of people in it (the original donor is now forgotten; the new donor will now be known for 20 years. ;-) ). You need to work with HR (or whomever) to get a heads up before these changes ripple into your provisioning programs.

have fun !

On 10/24/18 10:48 AM, Hyzer, Chris wrote:
When we did orgs at penn we had a problem during a reorg, things get renamed.  Or if buildings get renamed potentially?  This can happen if the hierarchy changes, or the group name changes, or the building changes.  We changed to a flat structure but still kept the relationships.

What is a “building group”, is it something that can move to another building?  If so maybe keep those in another folder?

Also you might want to put this in basis or ref to be consistent with current naming conventions.

What you have looks fine but you might want to consider:

System name: root:ref:buildings:building_1234

Display name: root:ref:buildings:building 1234 Scott McDonald Building

System name: root:ref:buildingGroups:buildingGroup_2345

System name: root:ref:buildingGroups:buildingGroup 2345 Math Dept

root:ref:buildingGroups:buildingGroup_2345 would have all people in that group

root:ref:buildings:building_1234 would contain root:ref:buildingGroups:buildingGroup_2345

Something like that?  Try to name things so they wont be renamed later



*From:* <> *On Behalf Of *Siju Jacob
*Sent:* Tuesday, October 23, 2018 4:51 PM

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*Cc:* Omer Almatary <>; Nazeer Syed <>; Cyril Phillips <>
*Subject:* [grouper-users] building as group in grouper

Hi Team,

                     We have a requirement to create office/campus building as a group in grouper with all the tenants as subjects. Just need your advice on what will be the best approach in terms of folder structure and group naming convention for this requirement. You could also point me to any similar use case online, if available.

Does the below structure looks good (building folder directly under Root or it should be under any other standard folder name)

Root -> buildings –> building name - > building group name

Any advice or guidance will be of great help and would be greatly appreciated..!



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