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grouper-users - [grouper-users] Re: using AD extended schema attribute for anchor

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[grouper-users] Re: using AD extended schema attribute for anchor

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  • From: "Guenther, Dean R." <>
  • To: "Coleman, Erik C" <>, "" <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] Re: using AD extended schema attribute for anchor
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:46:28 +0000
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Thanks Eric, this is helpful – Dean





Dean Guenther                          
Washington State University    Phone:    509 335-0433
Pullman, WA. 99164-1222        fax:      509 335-0540
Identity and Access Management Manager



From: "Coleman, Erik C" <>
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 8:04 PM
To: "" <>, "" <>
Subject: RE: using AD extended schema attribute for anchor


We have a slightly similar model with an extended attribute “uiucEduUIN” that requires users to be in a special AD group with extra privs to see the attribute. I don’t foresee a problem here, as the group creation LDIF is doing nothing more than establishing an entry in the link-table between the group and user, and would be using the same bind credentials as the loader job.



Erik Coleman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



From: <> On Behalf Of Guenther, Dean R.
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 1:10 PM
Subject: [grouper-users] using AD extended schema attribute for anchor


I have an Active Directory extended schema attribute wsuExternalSystemID which contains a unique ID for each person. Its similar to what you might find in employeeID. This attribute is a confidential attribute, and I have granted my ldap.pspng_activedirectory.user to have full access to this extended AD attribute. For my Grouper groups I build them with the SQL query


            select wsuExternalSystemID as subject_id from oraclepersonregistry where employeerole like ‘%Hourly%’


and this successfully builds my group in Grouper. And each person it finds has the Unique ID with their wsuExternalSystemID as I’d expect.


My question is, am I going to have any problem with using PSPNG to build a group in AD when the users are being referenced by an extended schema AD attribute? These are my userSearch values:


changelog.consumer.pspng_activedirectory.userSearchBaseDn = ou=people,dc=testingAD,dc=wsu,dc=edu

changelog.consumer.pspng_activedirectory.userSearchFilter = wsuExternalSystemID=${}

changelog.consumer.pspng_activedirectory.userSearchAttributes = dn,cn,wsuexternalsystemid,userprincipalname,objectclass





Dean Guenther                          
Washington State University    Phone:    509 335-0433
Pullman, WA. 99164-1222        fax:      509 335-0540
Identity and Access Management Manager


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